Sea Kayaking

Come and enjoy it for yourself


Sea kayaking in Croatia on the Adriatic is quite different than the Pacific, the North Sea or the Mediterranean. It is warm and with insignificant tides. There are sandy beaches but gravel is more common. While rocks of all kinds are most likely to be found almost everywhere. You will kayak past huge rocks and below high cliffs. Explore the caves and relax in hidden coves. You will enjoy sun and warm water. Discover the world of silence under the surface. Your sea kayak will take you to where sailing boats don’t even dream of daring. Very near the rocks, to the thin line between the sea and land. Where hundreds of colorful fish and other creatures seek food and shelter.

More than a 1000 islands

History is another thing that makes sea kayaking in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea special. These islands have witnessed the power and the glory of Roman and Ottoman empires, Venetian and Dubrovnik Republic, Napoleon legions and Allied forces. And you can see it on almost every step. We know our islands and coast and we’ll take you to the very best places. Sea kayaking in Croatia will not be just a sport and nature experience but also a cultural one. Come and see for yourself it’s not the same as seeing it in a picture. The fact that only a few people know about it means that you shouldn’t wait long.

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