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Get to know Croatia from a different angle

Best Of Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia

First of all, Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia is here for you. We offer agreat variety of Adventure Trips and Activity Holidays. Whether as long as a week or short as a three-day combo experience. Therefore all are perfect and they offer unbeatable blends of favorite activities. So, by joining them you make discoveries from all angles. Be part of Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia and you’ll get to know Croatia like the back of your hand. Since you’ll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that are not found in any guidebook.

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Take a break & Experience more

In other words, Raftrek Travel Short Breaks are just your thing. If you want to partake in an activity but you want to avoid the crowds? If you want to go on holiday but you don’t want to have a long itinerary? Are you thinking of trying something new and you don’t want to feel like a tourist? The Raftrek short breaks go beyond typical tours. Most importantly, they give you the opportunity of immersing yourself in our adventure world based on experience, knowledge, quality, and fun. Find the combination from our short breaks list that suits you most.
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Wonderful Destinations for Adventure Travel in Croatia

Croatia has a rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas. So, visit them while on one of Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia’s Trip or Activity Holiday. Therefore, from mountains to plains, from rivers to the sea with a long and rich history. Travel with Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia and you’ll plunge into a region with access only residents can offer. Finally, get to know Croatia and its diverse destinations from a different angle.

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