Rafting in Croatia has envolved and it is becoming more popular outdoor sport over the years. Rafting is a great outdoor activity through river with inflatable raft. Rafting is popular in the whole world which makes Croatia rafting great option for teambuilding. Raftrek Adventure Travel offers you the best way to exoplore rafting in Croatia. Book rafting Croatia adventure suitable for participans with or without experience. Enjoy in the fresh, clear and beaufitul nature od Croatia.

Rafting in Croatia is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled Croatian mainland. Like most outdoor sports, rafting, in general, has become safer over the years. As a result, the difficulty rating of most river runs has changed. This may be the reason why Croatia is not well known for this particular activity. Although it does have wild and exciting rivers, up to grade 3 that flows through sceneries that will take your breath away. Rafting or white water rafting worldwide is a challenging recreational outdoor activity.

Best way to experience a river

Additionally, whitewater trips can promote environmentalism, by experiencing firsthand the beauty of a river. Individuals who would otherwise be indifferent to environmental issues may gain a strong desire to protect and preserve that area, because of their positive outdoor experience. It contributes to the economy of many regions, which, in turn, may contribute to the protection of rivers. Hence it stops the development of hydroelectric power generation, diversion for irrigation, and others.