Canyoning in Croatia has gained popularity over recent years. It is also called Canyonnering by the United States. Explore Canyonnering in Croatia through Croatian waterfalls and canyons with a lot of outdoor activies such as swimming, climbing, jumping, walking and etc. River Canyoning in Croatia is enjoyed and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels which makes it perfect for family holiday activity. Explore Croatia and learn new skills with our Croatia canyoning tour.

Canyoning in Croatia is the best way to explore thousands of years old Cetina River Canyon. It’s crystal clear water makes the trip a true experience. Also known as canyoneering in the U.S., is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities. Such as walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. It is frequently done in remote and rugged settings. Gear includes climbing hardware, static or semi-static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, and specially designed shoes, packs, and rope bags.

Canyoning in Croatia has it all

The ideal canyons for this acitivity are often cut into the bedrock stone. Therefore forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and sometimes spectacular waterfalls. Most canyons are cut into limestone, sandstone, granite or basalt, though other rock types are found. Canyons can be very easy or extremely difficult. Though emphasis in the sport is usually on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty. A wide variety of canyoning routes are found throughout the world, and canyoning is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.