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Modern Zadar

Zadar, a town located in Northern Dalmatia, is near Paklenica National Park, Kornati National Park, Zrmanja river, and the party island of Pag. Zadar consists of at least two unique attractions – the “sound-and-light spectacle”. The sound is coming from the Sea Organ, the architectural sound art object and an experimental musical instrument, which plays music powered by sea waves. The light comes from the Monument to the Sun, a three hundred, multi-layered glass plates placed near the Sea Organ in form of the Solar System. At night, the panels light up for a light show.

 Ancient Zadar

The city has many more attractions to offer, like the ancient Forum Romanum in front of St. Donat’s church – which is a sight on its own. Wonder around the Old town peninsula and discover more roman findings, and enjoy a night out or a wonderful meal in one of Zadar’s restaurants. Visit Zadar and explore the modern and historical clash, or travel a little bit further for a breathtaking nature.


FUN FACT: A local saying in Zadar is that “5 skyscrapers, 4 corners, 3 wells, and 2 pumps make 1 city” – and that’s Zadar. You can visit all off the above. While, skyscrapers aren’t that fun, 4 corners are at the joining of Mihe Klaic street, Varoska street, Borelli street and  Špire Brusine street. You can visit the Three Wells square (though there are more wells in the city), and there are more than two gas pumps in the city today.