Zadar Riva is a great outdoor exhibition


Zadar town is very intriguing. Most importantly it is not crowded or overrun by tourists. Consist of at least two unique attractions. The “sound-and-light spectacle”. First coming from of the Sea Organ and second from the Sun Salutation. Both worthy of seeing and hearing, to be believed. In the past several years Zadar town has become an outdoor exhibition. Hence attracting people from all demographic structures. Famous of old Croatian monuments, rich in attractions, exceptional in material and spiritual culture, Zadar town is well-developed and special. It is really worth visiting and experiencing it. The city is created around the Roman forum, a city inside well-kept walls.

Zadar hosts the sensational Sea Organ

Also as a part of Zadar Riva you will spot the two great outdoor exhibitions. Riva is what Croatians call the seafront walkway. Near the old town port is where you will hear the famous Sea Organ. A differently shaped part of the seafront which consists of several stairs that descend into the sea. The stairs are perforated stone and extend for about 70 meters along the walkway. At the lowest level under the stairs 35 pipes are built in vertically. All in different length and diameter. In addition the pipes have whistles, which play 7 chords of 5 tones. As a result the sea is pushing the air. Finally the sound comes out and plays music. Therefore a great place for relaxation, contemplation and conversation.

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