A great way to experience Croatia


Cycling in Croatia through nature parks, river valleys and forests is easy. Therefore traveling slowly you will enjoy more. Still, you can experience things a car passenger cannot. Feel the smell of flowers, hear birds singing, taste strawberries that grow by the road. Cycling along you can say “Dobar dan” to kids that play in villages. There are great roads for cycling in Croatia but they often have no signs. But they will take you to your destination.

Experience cycling in Croatia the most beautiful tracks

If you want to go cycling in Croatia, there are cycling routes available to satisfy everybody’s desires and levels. We offer various levels of cycling. Different routes availability, day trips, and even week-long trips. Join a well-paced bike tour through villages and country roads. There are not only beautiful sceneries but also old towns, churches and other places of cultural and historic interest. If you want to cycle on one of Europe’s most beautiful cycling tracks, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must!

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