Guided cycling tours in Croatia are the best way to explore the coast and all the hidden gems along the way. Biking in Croatia is the greenest and most sustainable way to move around, and cycling with Raftrek is guaranteed the best adventure you can find. When biking, not only do you move slowly and have more time to absorb the scenery, but you can smell and hear the area where you are. Along the way you can say “Dobar dan” to kids that play in villages. Croatia is filled with cycling trails, however only in recent years have they been properly marked, and some remain known only to locals. Check out our cycling tours in Croatia, and pick one out for yourself.

Pedal through picturesque routes, from the vineyard-covered hills of Istria to the scenic coastal paths along the Adriatic Sea. Our experienced guides lead you on well-planned cycling itineraries, ensuring a perfect blend of adventure, exploration, and relaxation.

Experience the most beautiful cycling tracks in Croatia

If you want to go cycling in Croatia, there are biking routes available to satisfy everybody’s desires and levels. Guided tours in Croatia offer various levels. Different routes availability, day trips, and even week-long trips. Join a well-paced bike tour through villages and country roads. There are not only beautiful sceneries but also old towns, churches and other places of cultural and historic interest. If you want to cycle on one of Europe’s most beautiful tracks, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must!