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The life of a Croatian Capital city

Zagreb is well known for its cultural beauty, but also for the lovely nature that surrounds it. You’ll be very happy to spend at least one day in town. The Upper Town of Zagreb has delightful hilly, narrow streets with cafes, shops, and bars filling the 18th-century buildings. Here you’ll find the towering Zagreb cathedral, the Dolac market, and the City Museum for a glimpse of Zagreb’s history, as well as the famous Broken Relationships museum. It has culture, arts, music, architecture, gastronomy, and all the other things that make a quality capital city. Therefore it’s no surprise that the number of visitors has risen sharply in the last couple of years. Visit Zagreb town, an exciting city that offers a valuable window into Croatian culture.

There is no ‘wrong season’ to visit Zagreb

Croatia’s coastal attractions aside, Zagreb has finally been discovered as a popular city-break destination. As a living, breathing city, it has a full menu of activities and pleasures all year round. There is no “wrong season” to visit. The city empties out in August as residents head to the coast and islands, and the lack of crowded trams can be refreshing. The season gears up in autumn with a full menu of concerts, exhibits, and special events, as the leaves gradually turn color and the air grows cooler. But also winter temperatures make it the ideal time to duck into a cozy coffee house and linger over hot chocolate, and well known Christmas fair is held in December and January. Meanwhile, in spring, cafe life blossoms as everyone heads outdoors, either for lunch on a terrace or an after-work drink on one of the city’s attractive squares.


FUN FACT: Local fashionistas, famous people, and people who want to be seen and known, like to fancy-dress and go to the city center on Saturday mornings. We call it “going to Zagrebačka Špica” and it’s a social phenomenon to show off and run errands one can’t do during the working week.