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Croatia activities Physical rating

Physical rating

We have disguised Croatia activities physical rating in the little green man. Therefore he will follow you around every trip description. The little green man illustrates the idea of how much physical exertion is required on a particular trip. The majority of our trips are designed for flexible, energetic people. We design our active holidays for those who wish to mix exploring the untouched nature with culture, history and art. Since they offer unbeatable blends of favorite activities that let you make discoveries from all angles.

Croatia activities physical rating

However you need to like being active. Have an adventurous spirit and an average level of fitness. You can expect the day activity to last up to four hours. But our schedule is very weather dependent. Croatia activities physical rating description helps you find the suitable trip for you, where most are on an average level. The ratings below are relative and reflect a combination of intensity and duration of physical activity.


You choose the most relaxing trip. Therefore you don’t have to worry about doing anything physically demanding. Unless you want to.


Hereby easy physical activities included. Therefore no preparation is required.


Moderate physical rating, requires an average level of fitness. Since we included some moderate physical activities.


Prepared yourself for some serious physical activity. Hence, the fitter you are, the more you enjoy it. Most activities will be challenging.


Our highest physical rating. Therefore you better get ready for a heart-pumping adventure.

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