Some call it a job. For us,
this is a calling

Raftrek Adventure Travel Team members are enthusiasts in everything they do and experts in a variety of different fields. Ranging from computers & communications, marketing & ecology, tourism & outdoor sports, we are united by our passion for nature, travel, and respect for the environment. Follow Raftrek Adventure Travel Team away from the beaten path and you’ll discover the unexpected. You’ll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. Raftrek’s team shares a great mix of backgrounds and interests, from longtime whitewater rowers, rafting instructors, hikers and trekkers, rock climbers, bikers, skiing, and snowboarding lovers, to arts and history enthusiasts, control freaks, and foodies. Excellent people skills, responsible planning, preparation, and conduction of activities, patience, and talent for sharing local knowledge are what make us the best.

Meet Raftrek Adventure Team

Every Raftrek journey begins with getting into contact with one of our staff members. When you email or call, you’ll get first-hand knowledge about your trip. We are experienced in traveling, mastering the local knowledge, and highly educated. We will make you discover natural beauties, local culture, and the history of the place. Our team members regularly take first aid courses and seminars on safety precautions for various types of activities. Most Raftrek Adventure Travel Guides have an IRF (International Rafting Federation) license for different levels of whitewater as well. Therefore all you need to do is relax and have fun because you are in safe hands!

Raftrek Adventure Team - Davor


Back in 1994., Davor was persuaded by his friend to go on his first rafting tour on the Dobra River. Back then, rafting on the Dobra River was considered the best rafting in Croatia, and Davor was immediately smitten by the sport. Fifteen years later, he founded an adventure tour company – Raftrek Travel, where he lives his hobby up to this day. He acquired experience as a rafting participant, instructor, and competitor on world-renowned rivers, as well as participating in three World Championships and a couple of European championships. Davor is a licensed „International Rafting Federation“ instructor and a licensed „River Rescue 3 Europe“ white water rescuer. He is also a river and sea kayaking guide, and lately, he spends a lot of his time sailing and skipping. Davor is an adventurer privately too, who, in his quests for new experiences, has traveled to many countries, and as a passionate hiker considers Nepal his home away from home.

Raftrek Adventure Team - Ed


Here is another Raftrek team member. An old hound dog camouflaged in a youthful body, with no wrinkles on his face. A pure nature lover, since the first grade in school he collected only excellent marks from nature and geology courses. Mountains, rivers, lakes, or streams, nothing makes him more alive than being outdoors as a guide and he spends his winters as a snowboard instructor.

Raftrek Adventure Team - Tamara


Tamara is the newest member of our team. She discovered the world of rafting and whitewater sports in 2021 and fell in love with it immediately. In 2022 she joined the current Croatian National Women’s Rafting Team and spends every day training on Lake Jarun or nearby rivers Sava, Mrežnica, Korana, Soča, etc. Two years later she decided to move to Zagreb indefinitely and make her newfound passion her job. Coming from the field of education she is quite used to keeping chaotic situations at bay. Organizing and working with people is fun she says and we say her perfectionism isn’t helping her state of mind but it sure helps assuring that our guests get to enjoy their adventures carefree.

When she’s not paddling on some kind of water, you can most likely find her in the kitchen experimenting with some recipes or exploring the mountains with her dog or you can’t find her because she is off somewhere passionately wandering around the world and discovering the charms of other countries and people.

Raftrek Adventure Team - Nika


Nika is a problem solver, Excel master, and night owl. She would define herself as a control freak (not too far from the truth :)). Nika has studied art history and ethnology and learned how to multitask and adapt to new situations in her previous career. The Zadar area is basically her home away from home, as she spent her summers with her family there. In her free time, Nika rides her bike, goes mushroom hunting, and enjoys her winters at the slopes or urban exploring. She even participates in organizing local bike rallies and local folk celebrations in her hometown of Zagreb.

Raftrek Adventure Team - Pero


Pero was told to say something about himself, but Pero didn’t know how to say anything about himself. After we demanded that he think of something, and after a long 5-minute break – reflecting on life, he came back and was finally ready to say something about himself. He took a deep breath and said: “Yeah… I got nothing”. So, we gave up and decided to briefly write about him ourselves.

Pero came to Zrmanja and joined our team in the year 2018. and has stayed here ever since. During the winter months, he works as a video editor with people from all around the world in the comfort of his home. Over the summer he is working as a guide with people from all around the world in the comfort of his inflatable, 2-seated Robfin Beaver kayak.

Raftrek Adventure Team - Matej


Matej is quite young, but a very experienced guide. Following his step-father, he and his twin brother arrived at Zrmanja when they were just 14 years old. He enjoyed his summers at the river, and once he was of age he was already very experienced in working with our guests and he knew the river like his back pocket. He acquired IRF and RR3 licences so he’s really a pro in his work. Matej is also a licensed yacht skipper, enjoying an occasional boating tour. In his spare time, he’s just lazy – in other words – taking care of his mental health by relaxing.