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Office team

Raftrek office team members are enthusiasts in everything they do and experts in a variety of different fields. Ranging from computers & communications, marketing and ecology, tourism and outdoor sports. But we are united by our passion towards nature, travel and respect for the environment. Therefore a great mix of backgrounds is what we share at Raftrek Travel. From long time white water rowers to rafting instructors, hikers and trekkers, rock climbers, skiing and snowboarding lovers.

Raftrek office team shares their own passion

Every Raftrek journey begins with getting into contact with one of our staff members. When you email or call, you’ll get first-hand knowledge about your trip. Not only will Raftrek office team tell you what to bring and how to prepare for your adventure, but they will also share their own passion and experience in the destinations and the activities you’ll be doing. You can trust our knowledge and attention to detail to make your trip the best you’ve ever taken.

Davor Kos


The story is very simple. Davor came on one of first Croatia’s rafting trips back in 1994. And several years later he started his own company called Raftrek. His extensive experience has been gathered on world famous rivers grade IV and V. Hence the experience, it brought him an IRF (International Rafting Federation) Instructor license. Great team work took him on three World Championships and several European championships in rafting. He enjoys spending time in nature leading rafting and kayaking trips on Croatian rivers. But also he passionately enjoys mountain climbing and trekking.

Branka Perak


Branka started working as a guide back in 2007. University of Economy graduate, major in marketing. Fluent in English, German, and Spanish and has recently started learning French. She is a very passionate skier and snowboarder. Traveling and trekking through Croatian mountains, Slovenian and Austrian Alps took her all the way to Argentina, Chile and Patagonia trekking routes. Thanks to her big love towards nature, her travels and sports she enjoys, she accumulated lots of experience in working with tourists.

Marija Car


As a tourism management student, Marija focused her interests on travelling. She found herself spending her summers working as a tour guide. Falling in love with adventure travel and got addicted to nature, travel and sports. After getting her master’s degree, she started working in hotel placement. But her love towards the outdoors and a different approach to tourism lead her back to adventure travel. If you asked her what she likes best about it, it would be all about enjoying the possibilities that Croatia can offer to a free-minded traveler.

Edis Mujić


Here is another Raftrek team member. An old hound dog camouflaged in a youthful body, with no wrinkles on his face. A pure nature lover, since the first grade in school he collected only excellent marks from nature and geology courses. Mountains, rivers, lakes or streams, nothing makes him more alive than being outdoors as a guide and he spends his winters as a snowboard instructor.

Tin Franješević


Tin is a student at the Faculty of Kinesiology, specializing in recreation. He spends his life engaged in different sports so his is as comfortable as a team player or as a stand-alone guide. For the last four years with his cheerful spirit and providing the sense of security for each guest he flavors every trip into an unforgettable experience. Tin is an avid nature lover, so even in the cold winter months he works as a snowboarding instructor on the slopes across Europe.

Sanja Duvnjak


Our English and French language teacher, at the end of each school year, finds her happiness on rivers in the company of Raftrek team. She uses her patience and pedagogical skills acquired at the university while working with tourists in somewhat more extreme surroundings than that of the classroom. Her specialty is Krupa canyon trekking, but she is the happiest while rushing down waterfalls with a paddle in her hand. Her unconditional love of nature and people makes her an excellent guide.

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