Office team

enthusiasts in everything they do


Raftrek office team members are enthusiasts in everything they do and experts in a variety of different fields. Ranging from computers & communications, marketing and ecology, tourism and outdoor sports. But we are united by our passion towards nature, travel, and respect for the environment. Therefore a great mix of backgrounds is what we share at Raftrek Travel. From longtime whitewater rowers to rafting instructors, hikers and trekkers, rock climbers, skiing and snowboarding lovers.

Raftrek office team shares their own passion

Every Raftrek journey begins with getting into contact with one of our staff members. When you email or call, you’ll get first-hand knowledge about your trip. Not only will Raftrek office team tell you what to bring and how to prepare for your adventure, but they will also share their own passion and experience in the destinations and the activities you’ll be doing. You can trust our knowledge and attention to detail to make your trip the best you’ve ever taken.

Davor | Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia


Back in 1994., Davor was persuaded by his friend to go on his first rafting tour on the Dobra river. Back then, rafting on the Dobra river was considered the best rafting in Croatia, and Davor was immediately smitten by the sport. Fifteen years later, he founded an adventure tour company – Raftrek Travel, where he lives his hobby up to this day. He acquired experience as a rafting participant, instructor, and competitor on world-renowned rivers, as well as participating in three World Championships and a couple of European championships. Davor is a licensed „International Rafting Federation“ instructor and a licensed „River Rescue 3 Europe“ white water rescuer. He is also a river and sea kayaking guide, and lately, he spends a lot of his time sailing and skipping. Davor is an adventurer privately too, who, in his quests for new experiences, has traveled many countries, and as a passionate hiker considers Nepal his home away from home.

Nika | Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia


Nika had a very logical journey in her professional life. After working for telecommunication corporations, cultural organizations, and specialized sports equipment dealers, she decided to join the Raftrek team in search of new adventures in her career. Her job within Raftrek connects her love for organization, traveling, culture and ethnology, with her curiosity. She will take care of every detail for you. She knows where you can drink the best coffee, where all the best-hidden beaches are, where that shortcut with that great view is, or that beautiful mushroom that grows along the path. Her winters are all about pow, jumping off kickers, or wherever her skis take her. In the meantime, she spends time with her grandparents, taking notes on traditional ways of life.

Ed | Raftrek Adventure Travel team member


Here is another Raftrek team member. An old hound dog camouflaged in a youthful body, with no wrinkles on his face. A pure nature lover, since the first grade in school he collected only excellent marks from nature and geology courses. Mountains, rivers, lakes or streams, nothing makes him more alive than being outdoors as a guide and he spends his winters as a snowboard instructor.

Kristina | Raftrek Adventure Travel team member


Studying Tourism at the Faculty of Economics and Business she set her professional path. Although first working in marketing and accounting she returned to her true love: tourism. Eager to help every single guest and trying to answer inquiries at the speed of lighting she will make your stay in Croatia pleasing as a light breeze. In love with nature, she enjoys relaxing in the woods, walking alongside the coast and spending her free time outdoors especially skiing in the Alps. Visiting other countries and traveling around fills her with new energy and positive vibes she shares with others.