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Zrmanja River

Emerald beauty hidden in the canyon

Zrmanja River and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Perfectly clear warm water, a spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls, easy and safe enough for beginner kayakers – but exciting for all river adventurists. The spring of Zrmanja river is located at the bottom of a very steep, almost 200 m high funnel shape rock called Misije. It flows southward through the narrow and long arable valley, which encircles the southern end of Velebit through a 200-meter-deep canyon. After it turns westwards, Zrmanja reaches Obrovac, and after a few kilometers flows into the Adriatic sea. In total, Zrmanja is 69 km long.


Zrmanja is great for rafting, kayaking and packrafting

The first pioneers paddled the Zrmanja river long ago, but the first commercial trips were started in the late ’80s. Today, the river is protected by the Nature Park Velebit, so the route of the upper part is defined from the village of Kastel Zegarski to Muskovci. Due to the special characteristics of the river, rafting and kayaking trips are determined by the water level of the day. If the water level is higher, and this usually happens in spring and early summer, Zrmanja is perfect for rafting. In the later summer and the fall, the water level drops due to the summer heats, and the guests can enjoy kayaking. Packrafting is available during the entire season – fun for everyone.


FUN FACT: During 1963-1968, Zrmanja river and it’s surroundings were a real movie set for a series of movies about Apache Chief Winnetou, famous in German movie series.