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Mrežnica River

The green beauty

 The Mreznica river in Croatia is one of the most beautiful and interesting rivers in Croatia. The length from its spring to the junction with Korana river in Karlovac is 64,7 km, and it flows over 93 waterfalls and rapids. Between the waterfalls, one can find many small lakes with underground springs, and the surrounding nature is green and lush. Though the lower part of the Mreznica river is well known as a refreshing summer destination for locals, not too far from the cities of Zagreb and Karlovac, the upper part is a hidden gem for many.


From the spring to the junction – two faces of Mreznica

 The upper part of Mreznica river flows through a canyon, at some points 60 meters deep, and once you’re en route, you’ll pass over 14 waterfalls and rapids. A more dynamic and fun part is perfect for adventure lovers and families alike. Close to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Mreznica is perfect to experience swimming in the river, as it is not allowed in the National Park.

The lower section of Mreznica river is more flat and wide, and thus perfect for swimming and standup paddling. Mreznica river is home to water snakes and turtles, as well as to many species of trouts, frogs, and insects.


FUN FACT: On the Mreznica river, in the village of Duga Resa, one of the first hydro plants in Croatia was built in the 19th century – for the needs of the local textiles manufacturer.