The holidays that include walking in Croatia as the main activities are recommended for a healthy lifestyle. It is in general, one of the most basic and common mode of transportation. Hence it has numerous environmental benefits. Though it is also a clear example of a sustainable mode of transport. Especially suited for urban use and/or relatively shorter distances. Non-motorized transport modes such as walking. But also cycling, small-wheeled transport (skates, skateboards and hand carts) are often key elements of successfully encouraging clean urban transport.

Hiking or walking in Croatia is magnificent

With minimum impact on the environment, you get to see all the hidden and best-preserved parts of our country. The diversity of landscapes makes Croatia a magnificent place for all outdoors enthusiasts. With its location, it offers endless possibilities for walkers. Although it is a tourist hot-spot for beaches, its natural beauty lends itself to being a hiker’s paradise. There are great areas for walking in Croatia and to simply explore and be at one with nature.

Krka National Park Walking: Wander along well-maintained paths through the lush landscapes of Krka National Park, where waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and vibrant flora create a picturesque backdrop. Our guided walks provide an opportunity to appreciate the park’s diverse ecosystems, historical sites, and the soothing sounds of nature, ensuring a tranquil and informative exploration.

Plitvice Lakes National Park Walking: Discover the UNESCO-listed beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park as you stroll along wooden pathways that meander through lush forests, over cascading waterfalls, and around stunning lakes. Guided walking tours offer a chance to marvel at the park’s unique karst formations and the interplay of water and nature that defines this remarkable Croatian treasure.