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Here is a list of Activities in Croatia for you to choose from. While ranging from rafting, river kayaking, trekking, cycling or even sea kayaking. Therefore give them all a try and book your next adventure with Raftrek Adventure travel. Because, rafting the rivers of Croatia is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled Croatian interior. As for cycling, there are great roads in Croatia. But they often have no signs, therefore are not even on maps. On the other hand, sea kayaking in the Adriatic Sea is quite different than the Pacific or the Mediterranean. Since it is warm and clear, with insignificant tides.

Most visitors come to Croatia in summer

So when you plan a vacation by the sea, plan a day on the river or a mountain. Probably it will be the best you will have. You’ll discover that it is the experience of a lifetime. While the tours on our website can serve as a model to inspire your own phenomenal trip to Croatia. Therefore we can modify the itinerary, dates and activities. As a result making it your perfect adventure. If for any reason our small group adventures are not the best fit for you let s know. We want to help you experience exactly the activities in Croatia you want. Most of all, Raftrek has the staff, experience and wide-ranging capability to provide you with a specialized travel plan.

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