Here you will find a list of adventurous activities that we offer in Croatia and which you can choose from. Starting from rafting, packrafting, kayaking, trekking, cycling, sea kayaking, canyoning, climbing and whatever else we can think of. Rafting, packrafting or kayaking are wonderful options to experience the untouched Croatian interior along Croatia’s most beautiful rivers. You can cycle along remote routes that are often not signposted or mapped and offer a great way to explore some hidden parts of the country. All of our adventurous activities in Croatia are unique and specific to certain parts of the country. Try them all and book your next adventure with Raftrek Adventure Travel.

Activities for a wonderful holiday

If you are planning a vacation by the sea, be sure to plan a day by a river or on a mountain. Most likely this will be the best part of your stay in Croatia and will ensure that this holiday is one to remember. The offerings on our website and our tours can serve as inspiration for you when planning your own phenomenal trip. We can customize the itinerary, dates and activities to suit you. If for any reason our small group excursions aren’t right for you, let us know and we’ll help you experience exactly the activities in Croatia you want. Above all, Raftrek has the staff, experience and extensive capacity to create a travel itinerary designed specifically for you.

If you are interested in a Croatia that is different from the one you have already experienced, embark on an unforgettable experience with Raftrek Adventure Travel and join us in discovering a whole new side full of the country’s hidden untouched natural beauties. We specialize in a range of single and multi-day trips that offer a balanced mix of nature, activities and culture. Here you can read more about every activity we offer and then plan your ideal active holiday with us.