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Get to know Raftrek: Why I love my job?

Get to know Raftrek’s office team members. They are enthusiasts in everything they do and experts in a variety of different fields. Ranging from computers & communications, marketing and ecology, tourism and outdoor sports. But we are united by our passion for nature, travel, and respect for the environment. Therefore a great mix of backgrounds is what we share at Raftrek Travel. From longtime whitewater rowers to rafting instructors, hikers and trekkers, rock climbers, skiing and snowboarding lovers.

Raftrek office team shares their own passion

Every Raftrek journey begins with getting into contact with one of our staff members. When you email or call, you’ll get first-hand knowledge about your trip. Not only will Raftrek office team tell you what to bring and how to prepare for your adventure, but they will also share their own passion and experience in the destinations and the activities you’ll be doing.


Why I love my job? was the question to answer

They also share their passion and experience working in the traveling industry. So, let’s start with Ana…


Ana Klican | Raftrek Adventure Office teamWhen an opportunity came up to work as an adventure guide for Raftrek Adventure Travel last spring, I immediately took it. After all, who wouldn’t want a job which involves taking wonderful people to wonderful places? And truly – every single day, from the first day to the last, there was at least one instance per day when I said to myself – “I can’t believe this is my real job!”.

As it turns out, getting to know Raftrek: the job involves a lot more than that, and that is what I like best about it. Our adventure-seeking guests are more than just adrenaline seekers – they are passionate explorers of history, art, architecture, food, culture, way of life and mentality. They want to experience it all and take it home with them, and it is wonderful to be their link to all things local.

Having studied diplomacy, I find that there is no better way to practice it than in direct contact with people who came to experience Croatia to the maximum. I find it extremely rewarding knowing that I had an impact on their idea of what Croatia is. Even now, after everyone has gone back to their countries and routines, many people I met as guests are now dear acquaintances with whom I keep in touch with and with whom I exchange pictures, Christmas cards, and birthday wishes.

Zrmanja River Packrafting | Zadar Area | Raftrek Adventure travel

I believe adventure travel is a great medium for cultural exchange, people build trust and bond on adventures, but what we learn about each other in the process and what sticks with us is a lot more far-reaching than the initial adrenaline rush.


Tin-Croatia-Raftrek-travelWhen I was little, being outdoor was bringing a smile on my face. Big smile! As a kid, I would rather go to fall from some of the nearest trees, stumble on the rock, roll from the hillock, crash into the underbrush, than sit inside a house and be still. I always had “worms in my ****”.

Now, as an adult, I still have those worms. ? Kayaking through the sea, calm or rough – doesn’t matter; whitewater rafting through canyons/gorges, warm and sunny or cold and rainy day – doesn’t matter; biking in a backcountry trail, road or dirt – doesn’t matter; hiking on the mountain, forest or rocky areas – doesn’t matter… as long as it’s outside!

To combine passion with work and work with others that share that passion and then (not to be selfish) share it with other people…pfff… Priceless!

That’s why I love my job. And I still have that big smile!

hiking Croatian Trails

Get to know Raftrek; there are two more Raftrek members to read about in our next blog post!