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Active and Adventure travel blog about Croatia provides useful information. About weather, activities, culture, different destinations and holidays. Therefore if you think that travel is pure inspiration. While spending time under the open sky is the largest law, then you are in the right place. And adventurous tourism is certainly an option for you.

Would you like to try yourself in activities that bring excitement, happiness, even a bit of fear and adrenaline rush? Ending up with a feeling of calmness and enjoyment in the beautiful gifts of nature? All this, and a little more, we can provide to you in reality. Far from the computer keyboard, away from your apartment and the verve of a city and with the guidance and expertise of experienced guides.

Adventure is out there

Withdraw from your comfort zone, even this moment and discover the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Raftrek is here for you. If you decide to take an adventure holiday. Offering a variety of different Croatia adventure holidays. We know our country well and we want to share it with you. Our primary goal is putting our small, yet beautiful country on the world map as an essential destination for adventure.

Read our Active and Adventure Travel Blog about Croatia for more insight and inspiration.
Davor Rostuhar and Raftrek Adventure travel on South Pole
Davor Rostuhar and Raftrek

His Polar dream Davor Rostuhar and Raftrek love story. Davor beeing the star, and Raftrek supporting him in his polar dream. On Wednesday, January 17th, he fulfilled his dream and officially...

7 Tips For Trekking

I have decided to test out this 7 tips for trekking in hot weather conditions to ensure that you do enjoy your trip without succumbing to the heat and having...

Advanced technician – PRO course

For the second time in just one year we decided to upgrade our guide certification. This time with an ADVANCED TECHNICIAN - PRO COURSE. As you all already know what...

Zrmanja RIver kayaking Video
Zrmanja River Kayaking Video

Zrmanja River Kayaking in Croatia is easy and safe enough for beginners, but the scenery makes it also very exciting. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon ...

Croatia's best hiking
Croatia’s Best Hiking Spots

From Land to the Sea: Croatia's Best Hiking Spots With its location on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is made up of more than a thousand islands and endless possibilities....

Mreznica River Kayaking-rafting-Raftrek-travel (1 of 1)-5
Family Adventure Traveling

Do you want to give your family an experience they will never forget? A Family Adventure? An increasing number of people are now looking for something different when they go...

Cycling around National Park Plitvice
Rural Croatia By Bike

Croatia is different from many popular tourist destinations because of its geographical layout. The country is made up of over 1000 islands and has over 1,300 miles of coastline. But...

Annapurna-south, Nepal
Nepal, Good Vibes Country

When somebody says NEPAL probably your first association is Mt. Everest and other 10,000 Ft high mountains, accompanied with peaks covered with snow. ...

Bjelolasica winter hike

We planned to hike the highest peak of Bjelolasica, better yet the highest peak of Gorski Kotar region. The cold winter hike was in front of us. Days prior to...

The Lika River Sea kayaking

For years traveling to the south, I planned, combined and thought about visiting the Lika River Canyon in a kayak. But always something else came first. And so the years...

Swimming in Krka River

The essence of adventure tourism are different trips and expeditions. In which a certain level of perceived or actual risk is present. In these, often physically demanding activities...

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