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Zrmanja River Kayaking in Croatia

Kayaking Zrmanja River in Croatia

Zrmanja River Kayaking in Croatia is easy and safe enough for beginners, but the scenery makes it also very exciting. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. Therefore Zrmanja and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe.You will see many fish and birds and explore typical karst phenomenon, living travertine waterfalls. […]

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Experiencing Rural Croatia By Bike

Cycling around National Park Plitvice Lakes

Rural Croatia By Bike Croatia is different from many popular tourist destinations because of its geographical layout. The country is made up of over 1000 islands and has over 1,300 miles of coastline. But that’s not even the most exciting part; rural Croatia has a perfect biking landscape. There are rolling hills, vineyards, and green scenery, […]

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Annapurna south view

When somebody says NEPAL probably your first association is Mt. Everest and other 10,000 Ft high mountains, accompanied with peaks covered with snow. Yes, just like me, like my first association. It was time to visit Nepal After my first visit in 2008, I realized that Nepal hides much more. It can satisfy different needs, from […]

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Divlja Rijeka Sava

Rijeka Sava zalazak

Rijeka Sava, u Zagrebu teško može biti svrstana u ono što mislimo pod pojmom „priroda“ no jedno je od naših najboljih i najdražih vodenih igrališta. Kako je Zagreb dobio još jedno „igralište“? Stigli neki novi-stari klinci u grad. Nakon raftinga, razvijala se sve više strast prema kajakingu na divljim vodama. U prvim pokušajima vrtili smo […]

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Bjelolasica winter hike

Bjelolasica crew

Kula, the highest peak of Bjelolasica We planned to hike the highest peak of Bjelolasica, better yet the highest peak of Gorski Kotar region. The cold winter hike was in front of us. Days prior to the announcement of the apocalyptic weather forecasts, “The Magnificent Seven” (Sale, Šiki, Beli, Mrle, Koza, Danko and I) were planning […]

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The Lika River Sea kayaking

Kayaking Lika River

Visiting the Lika River Canyon in a kayak For years traveling to the south, I planned, combined and thought about visiting the Lika River Canyon in a kayak. But always something else came first. And so the years passed. Last year visit Specifically last autumn I finally accomplished my plan, my sensational visit of the Lika […]

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Swimming in NP Krka

Safety of both our clients and employees is one of our core values The essence of adventure tourism are different trips and expeditions. In which a certain level of perceived or actual risk is present. In these, often physically demanding activities, special knowledge, skills or abilities are sometimes needed.   Since the activities are mostly […]

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