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Get to know Raftrek: Why I love my job?

Why I love my job? was the question to answer. They also share their passion and experience working in the traveling industry. You can trust our knowledge and attention to detail to make your trip the best you’ve ever taken. Follow Raftrek Adventure Travel team away from the beaten path and you’ll discover the unexpected. There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that are not found in any guidebook.

Therefore travel with us and you’ll get to know Croatia like the back of your hand. You’ll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. Excellent people skills, responsible planning, preparation and conduction of activities, patience, and talent for sharing local knowledge. Insight in Croatian communities is what all of them have in common.

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Why I love my job? was the question to answer

They also share their passion and experience working in the traveling industry. So, let’s continue with Nika…


Nika-Croatia-Raftrek-travelWorking in the traveling industry is not like a walk in the park. During the season we get some long hours to make sure all of our guests have the best holiday possible. Before and after the season we spend a lot of hours planing and calculating the best possible options for our guests and clients. However, despite the serious part of this job, there are some perks that make it one of the best jobs I have ever had. Here’s Why I love my job.

My journey in adventure travel started suddenly. A friend told me there was an opening for a sales agent/administrator position at Raftrek. As I was looking for a career change, I have sent in my CV and met with Branka, my future colleague, and boss. I didn’t know what to expect, and I’ve spent my first month just learning about the trips and procedures.

Then the fun part started.

Here is Why I love my job?

Branka told me one day: You should go kayaking on the Mreznica river! And so I did. Going on to the trip made me realize what a wonderful job we did – and it amazed me how the whole team works. It was then when I met our guides and drivers, who were working around the clock to give the best experience possible for all of our guests – young and old, big and small, fit and… not so fit ? I realized that one e-mail or one phone call will launch a series of reactions, until finally our guests go on an adventure, and have wonderful day or week (or two) with us.

I realized then that all of my boring paperwork and all of the numbers I have to look into will result in smiles and happiness, and that’s the best reward one can get.

We’re not machines, we’re not just salespersons – we’re ones to make your holiday extraordinary, we’re ones to help you plan a visit. We’re ones to represent our country, the ones to tell you where to look for culture, adventure or just laid back rural places. How to order coffee, what to eat or what’s the best experience in the area – just ask! Every guest is an individual to us, so we’re trying to adjust all of our adventures to your needs.

Mreznica kayaking | Raftrek Adventure Travel

There are other perks of the job – of course, is Why I love my job. We travel a lot, meet a lot of people, try out new restaurants, visit hotels. Sometimes we drive our guests to the meeting point, try out new trips and equipment, or ponder together how to make a guests’ wish possible.


Ed-Croatia-Raftrek-travelBeing in nature is something that I always liked. As I child I used to go camping with my parents and those days I keep in good memory. Even when we used to go to places with far better accommodation being in nature and camping always was the number one holiday for me. When I was older I joined the Scouts and continue to go more camping and that etched in my memory for a lifetime. After that, I continue hiking and snowboarding, a little more escape from civilization, but more important socializing with a „team“ that thinks and feels the same.

If you ask me why I love my job? and you mention Adventure Travel, the first thing that comes to my mind is nature.  Meeting new likeminded people from all over the world who think and feel the same. So, when I started working in Raftrek Adventure Travel company it came so naturally to me. I already knew I had the right personality. It felt right, it felt like I find a good job, but also most important to me, I found a „team“.  A team of my colleagues in the office, our partners, our guests.  Sometimes it is hard, stressful and could be really exhausting but again when you compare it with a 9-5 workday within a regular job I will always choose working in the adventure. Therefore that is why I love my job.


Adventure is out there

Withdraw from your comfort zone, even this moment and discover the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Raftrek is here for you. If you decide to take an adventure holiday.  We know our country well and we want to share it with you. Our primary goal is to put our small, yet beautiful country on the world map as an essential destination for adventure. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Read our Active and Adventure Travel Blog about Croatia for more insight and inspiration.