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Hike in Croatia: 3 Fascinating Places

Looking for a fascinating getaway to hike in Croatia? Croatia has many places and regions that would make a hiker’s paradise. But which places are the best for hikers, or those looking for adventure?

Look no further! Here we put together a list of three of the best places to hike in Croatia. Reading through this list, you’ll be inspired to discover the truth and beauty of each place. Therefore, some that you maybe never heard of, until now!

1. Elaphiti Islands

The Elaphiti Islands are a cluster of islands just north of Dubrovnik, Croatia and they offer a great view of Croatian life from a distance. Without having to lose yourself in the busy hustle and bustle of the crowds. Here, you can take a more leisurely pace, as you hike through the islands.

Hike in Croatia | Active-holiday-Raftrek-adventure-travel
Lopud island, a great place to hike in Croatia

“The Elaphiti Islands are made up of pine-coated isles, where there are many ways you can travel there for your hike in Croatia experience,” said Toby Goulburn, a travel writer at Boomessays and Australianhelp. “Since this is an archipelago, you can cruise there, or take a yacht that holds thirty people. But the best way to get 100% of the hike experience is by taking your bike. You can take a ferry with your bike and island-hop from place to place. Or, if kayaking is your thing, then the islands offer a place called Olipa. Where you can kayak while taking in the view of both nature and its lighthouse.”

The best times to visit the Elaphiti Islands are during the months of May, June, or September when tourism is not at its peak.

2. Paklenica National Park

The Paklenica National Park is an ideal place for hikers or anyone that enjoys walking around in nature. Said to be the second oldest national park in Croatia. This haven is known for its beautiful scenery of the mountain, as well as the hidden coves and caves, and its abundance of trees. You’ll even bear witness to the wildlife (bears, wolves, lynxes, and wild cats).

Croatia hiking paths

The park offers two different ways to experience nature. The challenging trail for experienced hikers and enthusiasts, and a simple trail for those who don’t wish to travel long trails. Interested in a shorter trail? We recommend the Velika Paklenica trail, which measures 550 m in length. Along the trail, you come across a mill that’s been renovated and a Paklarić lookout; you’ll also see other mills, displaying its sense of civilization. But the most exciting sight in the canyon, laden with little waterfalls, and home to the popular climbing rock Anića Kuk.

3. Krupa Canyon

Located in the Velebit Mountain Nature Park. Rivers like Krupa lend a helping hand in carving a canyon that captures viewers’ attention with its majestic stature and flowing waterfalls. With green banks and crystal clear water, this place is a fabulous oasis.  Where you’ll listen to the sweet sounds of water flowing and birdsong. And, you’ll pay a visit to the legendary Bridge of Kuda (Kudin Bridge).

Krupa River Canyon trekking with Raftrek Travel
Along its short watercourse of some 17 km, Krupa formed 19 cascades

“Kudin Bridge was built during the transition from the 18th to the 19th century,” said Nicholas Marshall, a lifestyle blogger at Paperfellows and Stateofwriting. “Legend has it that a young man named Kuda was in love with a woman, and wanted so much to be close to her. The problem was that they lived on two different sides of the river. So, he decided to build a bridge. He built the from 12 arches out of travertine block, and added pillars to it.” The bridge still stands the test of time, despite the winter bringing high waters, and with the last two arches being damaged over time.

Lastly, as you hike in Croatia, exploring the beautiful canyon, you’ll come across the Krupa Monastery or Manastir Krupa. The monastery sits on the Krupa riverbank and welcomes all visitors, including hikers.

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So, if you liked what you read about Croatia, and if you have that thirst for adventure, become a part of the hiking experience by visiting these three places. Once you explore these great places, you’ll become a local expert in finding your way through a hike in Croatia. Give yourself the hiking adventure that you’ve always craved for.

Written by Molly Crockett

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