Croatia Multisport Tour: Rivers by the Sea Adventure

It doesn’t get better than this Croatia multisport tour
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It doesn’t get better than this Croatia Multisport Tour!

Croatia Multisport Tour Rivers by the Sea is a well-balanced mixture of activities.  It includes rafting on the Cetina River and kayaking down the Zrmanja River. Also trekking in the Paklenica National Park and cycling in the Krka River National Park.

Croatia Multisport Tour, a journey through time

This great Croatia Multisport Tour, is based in a small picturesque town of Skradin. It is a unique town on the very edge of the Krka River National Park. The town is famous for its turbulent, 6000 years old past. It is one of the oldest Croatian towns. Today it is an attractive tourist destination with an authentic stone town core. It’s location is in Central Dalmatia. Within a region known for its long beaches and pine woods.


Croatia sea kayaking tours Raftrek travel

Because of impressive diversity, Croatian coast and islands are perfect for sea-kayak expeditions

Arrival to destination – Skradin town

Upon your arrival to Croatia, we will transfer you to Skradin. A small picturesque town named after the world famous waterfall on the river Krka. Apart from a great history, its surroundings are places of unique natural beauties. We will meet in the hotel lobby for a get-together dinner and presentation of the program. You are free to enjoy an evening walk around the town and its pubs. Find out which is your favorite Croatian wine, beer or ice-cream.

Sea kayaking Zlarin Island

The sea kayaking day starts from Zablaće, a little village close to Šibenik. However after a short introduction to paddling, we start our expedition to the island of Zlarin, which is only 2 kilometers from the mainland. After paddling along the coast of the island, we come to the town of Zlarin, a perfect place for a picnic break and some swimming. After a beautiful day of sea kayaking on the Adriatic Sea and before our return to Skradin, we can make an optional detour to visit Šibenik town for an inspirational sightseeing.

Cycling day in NP Krka River

Today we will take our bikes from Skradin to the 44-meters high Skradinski Buk waterfall and visit one of Croatia’s most popular national parks, the Krka River National Park. This biking route will lead you through Croatian history all the while enjoying the landscape of forests and hills. We will bike to the shores of Visovac Lake where the boat will take us to Visovac Island and a Franciscan monastery. After sightseeing the monastery and the museum, the boat will bring us back to the shore where we’ll have a beach break for our picnic lunch. On our way back to Skradin we have a magnificent ride downhill with a scenic view over the Prokljan Lake.

Croatia cycling-raftrek-travel

Croatian roads are great for cycling but they often have no signs and they are not even on maps because there is no car traffic on them

Kayaking on Zrmanja River

Early in the morning we drive towards a little village called Kaštel Žegarski and start our expedition down the magnificent wild-west-like canyons of the Zrmanja and Krupa Rivers. The watercraft may be raft, canoe or sit-on-top kayak depending upon the river conditions. We push off for an afternoon of refreshing fun on the clear, warm and green waters of these Croatian rivers, considered two of the most beautiful in Europe. Waterfalls and easy rapids, hidden swimming pools, steep sided canyons… It doesn’t get better than this!

Optional trip day

On your optional day you can be as active or as lazy as you wish. Several organized and guided tours of hiking, canyoning, climbing, sightseeing or beach trips will be proposed in case you are keen on discovering more beauties that Croatia has to offer.

Trekking in the NP Paklenica

If there ever was a morning worth getting up early, this is that morning.  Our small expedition leads us into Paklenica National Park, the most famous trekking and rock climbing national park in Croatia. Hiking is the only way to really get to know Paklenica. Finishing our fabulous day in the NP Paklenica, we continue our journey to visit Zadar, a beautiful old town on the Adriatic coast. In the past several years, Zadar town has become an outdoor exhibition, attracting people from all demographic structures.  It is really worth seeing and experiencing.

Rafting Cetina River

We drive south towards a little village near Omiš where our adventure on the Cetina River begins. Finally the clear green water, jungle-like forests, caves and waterfalls will thrill you and make this rafting trip an unforgettable experience. Cetina is easy enough for families and absolute beginners. After we continue to Split or Trogir (depending on group decision).

Cetina-River-rafting-Croatia-Raftrek-travel (1 of 1)-5

A great adventure for all nature seekers.

Departure day

Depart from Skradin for the airport and flight home. Therefore You are welcome to schedule your homeward transport for any time. If you decide to spend more time in Croatia, our guides will be happy to recommend other beautiful places to visit – especially those you won’t find in tourist guide books.

We invite you to watch the video for a more visual inspiration.

Ana is the latest addition to our collective. She joined Raftrek as a guide. Her previous work in the hospitality industry included working in dynamic environments, people-skills, and thinking on her feet. Ana loves exploring exotic locales, traveling far, meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and trying new and exciting cuisines. She’s a sporty person who loves skiing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and outdoor adventure in general.

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