Kayak season opening

The spring is coming!
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Slowly but surely, the spring is coming. If you need proof, just look outside our window. For us, who can hardly wait for signs of good weather, this is a real refreshment. For us, who can finally go out in the sun that has driven winter, decisive clouds away, yes us, the lucky ones, this is a great opportunity to start preparations for more frequent trips in nature along with primroses, birds and bees and those who have adventurous spirit.

The spring is coming!

With the first signs of spring, our first river descent is on the go. I will write about Mreznica River which at this time of year replaces its green summer beauty for a cooler and more restrained, yet mystical brilliance and purity.
Our always willing guides accepted the challenge of two guests. They came all the way from Puerto Rico to see the beauty of Croatia and to try some extreme activities. Beli, Tin, Marko and Vacho are the „dream team“, if you are seeking for a day filled with fun, laughter and adventure.

Raftrek Guide Marko Kovac

Raftrek Guide Marko Kovac

After the short two-hour drive from Zagreb, they arrived in the idyllic landscape of Primisalj, the starting point for our trip through the Canyon of Mreznica River. Two brave Puerto Rican weren’t discouraged by the weather that greeted them. It was cloudy and about 13°C, which was about the temperature of the river at the start of the trip. Since it is winter time, vegetation has not started to grow yet, and most of the trees and bushes are bare, adding the cloudy weather the landscape looked little abandoned.

“There is no bad weather, only bad equipment,” – says Tin, well-adjusted to a variety of weather conditions throughout the years of working as a river guide in Raftrek Adventure travel company. Anyway, this might be Tin’s coldest kayak season opening.

As they were approaching the water, the excitement was growing and they were all eager to set off down the beautiful upper course of this magnificent river. However, before the vital moment of getting in the water, it is necessary to perform some steps, because hey, it is our law, safety comes first!!

Kayak season opening

Raftrek guides warming up

Kayak season opening

In the detailed safety talk, Branimir explained what to expect during the trip, and also performed a demonstration manner of rowing, and warned of all foreseeable and unforeseeable situations, which could happen during the trip and how to react to them. After thoroughly working out the instructions, the trip could start and the kayaks, together with our enthusiasts, went down the crystal clear water of Mreznica River for the first time this year. Season has opened!

Raftrek guides

Checking the river- Raftrek guides

Mreznica flows through karst area, and the valley of the river is 71.4 km long, while the length of the river is 64 km. This beautiful river has been a source of drinking water for the villages for decades. It attracts all, foreign tourists and local guests, since in the summer, it is perfect for a getaway in a pleasant shade of green vegetation and cool water.
This trip covers only 5.1% of Mreznica River, but it includes 15% of all the waterfalls and rapids on the same river. On the aforementioned route there are 2 rapids and 12 waterfalls. At the beginning of the trip, the canyon depth is around 30 meters, and after the big waterfall, about 50 meters. Just before the finish line after all the waterfalls, canyon’s depth grows to approximately 60 meters.

After many years in football, he found his passion in tourism through outdoor sports and activities. He used to be a member of a rafting team, but now he likes to spend his free time kayaking, cycling, rock climbing and, in the winter, snowboarding. He is a happy and cheerful person; loves to travel, always with an optimistic spirit. His passion enriches many courses. As a student of tourism and hospitality management, he likes to learn from people and tourists around him.

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