Croatia from a different angle

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Get to know Croatia

Croatia, where the Pannonian Sea lapped Dinaric Alps, where Slavic gods quibbled for centuries, where the Balkan resists becoming Europe, where Europe withholds from their east, in the way of warring kingdoms, on the border of both, same and different, there is a precious piece of ground.

More than a thousand Croatian islands, islets, and rocks are the basis of many Greek temples. Old Christian churches now lay in the middle of nowhere. Defensive walls on hilly slopes still stand tall and guard against pirates. Slavic heritage is tattooed on wrists of old locals. Urban centers of Dalmatia are proud of the Renaissance cathedrals. Secession facades of Continental Croatia lazily doze in the midday sun. City squares are occupied with realistic and abstract sculptures from the socialist era. Many great rulers fought for this country. They left behind a vast cultural heritage.

Croatia from a different angle

Trekking Kljucica fortress – the largest and best preserved medieval fortress in Krka National Park

The various terrestrial geography and thousands of kilometers of coastline, fill the tables of Croatian households with homegrown fruits. Traditionally, Croats pay much attention to meals and proudly share them with guests. Recently, winemakers and young chefs started to experiment, and the results are the finest, often very brave gastronomic adventures. Often unfairly overlooked Croatian food and drinks finally begin to get some world attention.

Croatia from a different angle

Old Slavic tradition still remains in the hands of the elderly Croatian woman

Rivers feed the country with precious, always fresh and delicious water while flowing through it, like a colorful bloodstream. Their beauty will charm everyone at first glance. Some of the most beautiful Croatian rivers are drinkable along their entire length.

Zrmanja, Cetina, Una, Gacka, Mrežnica, Čikola…

impressive, large, small and hidden, mountainous and wild, peaceful, lowland rivers… rafting, kayaking, canyoning, standup paddling or fishing … Croatian rivers are full of life and very popular among adventurers, those who enjoy paddling, and all of those who seek peace and untouched, pure nature.


Strbacki Buk – one of the most magnificent natural attractions of the Una River


Zrmanja RIver Canyon

Perfectly clear water, a spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls… Zrmanja is among the most beautiful rivers in Europe!

How would you describe Croatia?

If there was just one word to describe the Croatian coast, it would be diversity. Thinking about sea kayaking, sailing, cliff diving, deep water solo climbing… Each island is a world for itself. Some are naked as the moon, while others are rich with verdure. Some are uninhabited and the others bloom with life. If you wake up feeling local – find an old fisherman, ask him to take you fishing on his old boat or if you prefer solitude at the other hand just take a kayak and paddle to a small, intact islet.


Croatian rivers flow between hills and forests in uninhabited areas, a world away from crowded beaches and seaside resorts.

Climbing, caving, hiking, trekking, cycling, horse riding, nature survival … all within just a few hundred kilometers! If you’re lucky, sometimes it’s even possible to have fun in the morning on the snowy mountain tops and swim in the warm sea in the afternoon.

Croatia Climbing paradise

Wild canyon of National Park Paklenica, with hundreds of well-kept climbing routes, is the climbing paradise of Europe. More than 80 kilometers long, with undemanding hiking trails Velebit Mountain ridge will give you an unprecedented experience of Croatia! With sea view of countless islands in the south and the vast green “waves” of forests in the west, such Croatia is not seen by many.

Croatia cycling

Croatian roads are great for cycling but they often have no signs and they are not even on maps because there is no car traffic on them

Raftrek Adventure Travel agency is focused on adventure tourism in Croatia. If you are ready to know Croatia from a different angle, come and see it for yourself. It is not the same as seeing it on a picture. Croatia is probably the most beautiful country in Europe. The fact that only a few people know about it, means that You should not wait long!

Croatia adventure

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Branka started working as a guide back in 2007. University of Economy graduate, major in marketing. Fluent in English, German, and Spanish and has recently started learning French. She is a very passionate skier and snowboarder. Traveling and trekking through Croatian mountains, Slovenian and Austrian Alps took her all the way to Argentina, Chile and Patagonia trekking routes. Thanks to her big love towards nature, her travels and sports she enjoys, she accumulated lots of experience in working with tourists.


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