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Don’t take their existence for granted

If you’re reading this, you probably feel passionate in a more personal way about rivers. You don’t take their existence for granted. But their shores provide a special corner where you feel at home; quiet and comfortable. From the immemorial, rivers play a big role in all that we call life.

Rivers, as the source of life and fertility, are reflected in the myths and beliefs of the multitude of cultures. It is not surprising that in many parts of the world rivers are called “mothers”.  Narmadai, “Mother Narmada”; Volga is Mat Rodnaya, “Mother Earth”. Even the Thai word ‘mae nan’ is literally translated as “water mother”. There is something poetic in the life of rivers. There is not enough space nor are words sufficient enough to describe the spiritual connection between a man and the river.

Beautiful mountain streams

The melting snow and pouring rain emerge on tops of mountains and hills forming beautiful mountain streams that flow in the high grounds. As the streams power down, with tributaries and groundwater they gain their volume and become a river. As they leave mountains and the high grounds, rivers slow down and begin to meander. Seeking the path of least resistance, through wide valleys. Finally, the river will flow into a lake or ocean.

All the big milestones in the human history have taken place around river banks. The first civilization emerged in the third millennium BC along the Euphrates, Tigris, Nile, and Indus. And later along the Yellow River. Important revolutions happened along rivers and streams of northern England, which therefore have contributed to the early development of the industry. Most large cities in the world are located on or along the river. An interesting fact is that 65% of the water we drink comes from a surrounding river. Finally, another great reason to keep them clean.