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Amazing Wildlife You Can See

Amazing Wildlife when Kayaking In Croatia, an ideal way to spot wildlife, a silent and sure way to merely drift through the waters without the need for motors. From your boat, you can spot some incredible animals including large predators, birds of prey and amphibians that are unique to the area.

There are 101 different types of mammals in Croatia, and over 23,000 species of other fauna. In fact, Croatia has been ranked in the top ten of European countries for biodiversity. One of the ideal ways to spot wildlife is by kayak. Just make sure that you take your camera because it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Birds of Croatia

Croatia is home to some beautiful species of bird that you can spot whilst kayaking. The Great Bittern is a special sight around the rivers and wetland areas, looking for small fish to eat. They have a distinctive brown, speckled plumage and a broad wingspan. Listen out for their incredible, booming mating call that can be heard for miles. If you are kayaking the Danube or Drava areas, then look out for the beautiful Glossy Ibis, White Herons and large flocks of Cormorants. Further afield you may even be lucky enough to spot both Serpent and Golden Eagles.

Amazing Wildlife When Kayaking in Croatia Raftrek
Amazing Wildlife When Kayaking in Croatia

Large beasts

There are three large beasts to look out for on the banks if you are traveling through a forest river in your kayak. Firstly there is the brown bear – Croatia has the highest population in Europe. You are most likely to see these in the National Parks, where they are protected. A kayaking trip to one of these parks is a great family holiday and you can easily stay for a week. You can plan your family trip around spotting different species — even the little ones can participate. It is a great way to  get the most out of your destination in a unique way that is fun for everyone.

Croatia also has the highest population of grey wolves in Europe. The Eurasian Lynx is becoming a far more common sight in Croatia. They have only been reintroduced in the last 20 years after becoming extinct in the country, however, their numbers are now thriving, particularly in the National Park Risnjak. This is worth If you are lucky enough to spot one of these carnivores, they are definitely not to be disturbed.

Brown Bear in Croatia Raftrek Adventure Travel
Brown Bear in Croatia

Amphibians and Reptiles

There are 38 known species of reptile and 20 different species of amphibians in Croatia. Many of which you can spot whilst travel in your kayak. If you are exploring the calm caves by water, then look out for the amazing Blind Subterranean Olm.  They are rare but often spotted on kayak tours. They can live to 100 years old! Along the river banks of Croatia, there is an abundance of animals that you are likely to see. Including the Balkan Green Lizard, Hermann’s Tortoise, the Balkan Whip Snake and Croatia’s most endangered species, the Caspian Terrapin.

Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful and diverse Croatian landscape. You will have a chance to see species of wildlife that are unique to the country.

Written by Jenny Holt