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Take some fun adventure trips!

Building The Courage To Travel On Your Own can also offer you a fresh perspective on the world and how it relates to you. Travel can be stressful at the best of times. It can be fun, beautiful, exciting, intense, memorable, even lifechanging too, but it sure is stressful. That stress is greatly multiplied when you start to consider making those same trips on your own. There are so many other considerations that you need to take into account before you can make that sort of decision and often simply lacking the courage to take the leap is the biggest stalling factor.

However, traveling alone can also offer you a fresh perspective on the world and how it relates to you. Rather than completely discounting the idea, consider it and see whether you can get up the nerve to push yourself. You should take it a step further still and take some fun adventure trips and tours that will allow you to see the world in a whole new way. These trips will truly awaken your spirit and there’s no reason to avoid them.  Let’s look at some ways you can help yourself out.

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Mreznica kayaking, the courage to traveling on your own

Establish How Much It’s Really A Fear Of Travelling Alone

Travelling is an especially intense version of life, with lots more to consider and lots of unfamiliar elements that can affect you. However, often when people are instinctively scared of traveling alone, they’re actually scared of something a lot simpler. “Being alone, without worrying yet about traveling, is scarier to a lot of people than they realize or care to admit. Sometimes realizing that you’re actually mostly just afraid of being alone can help you to address the root problem, rather than blaming it all on the traveling and never giving it a go”, suggests Lucy Forsyth, travel blogger at WriteMyx and BritStudent. Loneliness is hard and may feel exacerbated by being somewhere unfamiliar. But, make sure you aren’t limiting yourself in life because you’re actually afraid to be on your own.

The Courage To Travel On Your Own | Raftrek Travel
Secrets of Plesivica view

Don’t Over-Value The Opinion Of Others

Everyone you know will have something to say about the idea of you taking a trip alone. The key, to building The Courage To Travel On Your Own is to take everything others say with a pinch of salt. For example, your mother will likely be especially cautious whilst your wild best friend will egg you on. Only you know the reality of your trip and can understand what the actual dangers are. They are basing their opinions on their own perception of the situation. Don’t ignore what people say, just have a little confidence in yourself to understand your trip and what the stakes are in a healthy way.

Research Thoroughly

“For evolutionary reasons, we all instinctively fear the unknown. Buying a ticket to a country you’ve never been to before. With no knowledge of the language or culture is instinctively scary and will be even scarier if you’re facing it alone”, says Sophia Laumeyer. Lifestyle writer at NextCoursework and Australia2Write. The best solution to that fear which can hold you back is to research as thoroughly as you possibly can. If you know everything there is to know about where you’re headed, then you limit the amount of ‘unknown’ it is for your mind to deal with. It’s not always simple (you might not be able to learn a new language, for example) but it still stands that the more that you reduce what you don’t know about your destination, the more secure you will feel in making the trip alone.

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Cycling to the waterfalls

People Are Better Than You Think They Are

Increasingly people are conditioned from a young age, my parents, neighbors, teachers and the media, to fear strangers. There’s a lot of good reasons why you ought to be cautious of people you don’t know. But the protectivity, combined with how insular technology makes us all, means that people have so much more of a fear of others than they need to have. When you’re traveling alone or thinking about traveling alone, it’s easy to look at people around you and see the worst. But, in the majority of cases, they’re just like you. People are empathetic towards one another more than you might assume and, if you got into a bad situation whilst traveling alone, you don’t have to give up your faith in humanity: just ask someone for help!


Traveling alone is definitely scary. Travelling is difficult and stressful, and you have to rely on your own wits and knowhow to overcome problems when you’re out their alone. But, if you can build a little bit of confidence, you’ll see that traveling alone can also be a beautiful experience with so much to offer you.

Written by Darryl Martin

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