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Sailing Croatia & Montenegro Adventure goes beyond typical tour, it gives you the opportunity of immersing yourself in our adventure world based on experience, knowledge, quality, and fun. You will get to know Croatia & Montenegro from a different angle. You will explore its diversity in nature, get to know the history, cultural heritage and lifestyle.

Montenegro Sailing Multisport trip combo | Raftrek Travel
Dubrovnik & Montenegro Sailing Multisport trip combo | Raftrek Travel

How would you describe Croatia?

If there was just one word to describe Croatia, it would be diversity. Thinking about sea kayaking, sailing, cliff diving, deep water solo climbing… We designed our trips with sailing in Croatia especially for those who love being active. Therefore admire the outdoors and appreciate ancient architecture and local tradition. Each island is a world for itself. Some are naked as the moon, while others are rich with verdure. Some are uninhabited and the others bloom with life. If you wake up feeling local – find an old fisherman, ask him to take you fishing on his old boat or if you prefer solitude on the other hand just take a kayak and paddle to a small, intact islet.

Sailing Croatia & Montenegro Adventure as we do it isn’t just another charter trip or a sailing package. We invite you to spend a week or just a few days sailing with us. The itinerary will take you around the most spectacular coastline in Europe. Discovering tiny islands and secluded coves hidden in the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea. Therefore you will experience the true culture of the islands and people.

Croatia Adventure Sailing 

Beyond typical tours

Raftrek Travel Combo Experiences are just your thing. If you want to partake in an activity but you want to avoid the crowds? If you want to go on holiday but you don’t want to have a long itinerary? Are you thinking of trying something new and you don’t want to feel like a tourist? Sailing Croatia & Montenegro Adventure go beyond typical tours, they give you the opportunity of immersing yourself in our adventure world based on experience, knowledge, quality, and fun.

Our combo experiences offer a variety of activities: sailing, sea and river kayaking, rafting, cycling, canoeing, walking, and sightseeing. Most of our breaks are based in Croatia, but we made sure to include quick visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Montenegro.

Balkan vibes: Sailing Croatia & Montenegro Adventure

Our sailing Croatia & Montenegro tour will keep you active through various day adventures while you discover southeast Europe. Leaving from Dubrovnik we will visit some of the most interesting parts of the Balkan region. Sea kayak on clear blue Adriatic Sea watching over a spectacular Elaphiti archipelago, raft on Tara River, and finally hike in the exquisite National Park Durmitor.

Sailing Croatia & Montenegro | Raftrek Travel Blog

On the crossroads of east and west

On this corridor, east and west meet and the spirit of the long-gone Ottoman Empire, Venetian and the Dubrovnik Republic can still be felt at every step. Local food and wine, relaxed Balkan vibe and fun activities in secluded areas guarantee an unforgettable, authentic experience. Croatia & Montenegro as adventure Destinations have been emerging for outdoor travel in recent years and it is easy to see why. Find the combination from our combo experiences that suit you most and experience the adventure of your life!