3. May 2020.   •     Tin

What would be your BEST Raftrek trip?

Zrmanja River Packrafting, Tin said. This trip is new in our repertoire, though it is already common worldwide. Packrafting gives you the opportunity to handle the river by paddling on your own – under the watch of our skilled guides. Here is what he wrote. Enjoy 🙂

So, WHY you ask?

First of all, the Zrmanja River and its canyon are gorgeous! Canyon… Oh yes, the emotions took over!

Every time I’m in it, that terrain seems so untouched, raw, primitive, rough, intense. But at the same time, it’s so peaceful, calm, and relaxing. Oh, and then I think about the river… crystal clear water, small and big rapids/waterfalls to run, no pollution. It has it all! Second, of course, Packrafting is super fun! The small, light (funny looking!) inflatable boat that you can pack and carry wherever.

Packrafting Zrmanja River | Small Group | Raftrek Adventure travel

Zrmanja River Packrafting… Oh yeah!

And then, if I combine first and second, I get chills! As soon as I sit in it, the smile is on. That boat is really easy to maneuver, fast, and easy to play with it. As I packraft, I can feel every single wave on the river (and rock! if I miss the line, of course!). On the first part of the river, those small rapids feel bigger in that boat than they are in reality, and that “splash splash splash” sound just brings me a bigger smile! As I get closer to the big waterfall, my eyes get bigger and my heart starts to beat faster. No matter how many times, over and over and over again. Every time the rush comes back. To see and to feel that power of a waterfall.

Packrafting Zrmanja River | Into the Wild Croatia | Packrafting Zrmanja River | Raftrek Travel
Packrafting Zrmanja River

Portage? No problem… I put the packraft on one shoulder, paddle on the other hand and I slowly walk around it! The second part of the river is on, and the thrill is even bigger than it was. More rapids, which are a bit bigger and longer from the first part, are waiting for me. Paddling through the waves, catching small and big eddies, I’m having a blast! The peak of the excitement is when I paddle “šine” rapid, especially when the water level is bigger. Just after that, I drop down the “Ogar waterfall”, a 3-meter drop, to put the cherry on the top. On the last stretch to the finish, I’m just thinking about what will I do better or different when I go down next time. Can’t wait for that to happen! ?

Zrmanja River Packrafting | Raftrek Adventure travel

What is an Insiders choice?

An insider is an employee or any other person who is privy to confidential, nonpublic information about a company. So, there you go, we have asked our great Raftrek office team to write about their favorite Raftrek Adventure trip. In the next couple of our blog posts, we reveal their choices. Stay tuned and follow our blog to read and learn more online!