29. April 2020.   •     Tamara Haddad

What would be your BEST Raftrek trip?

The Adventure Sailing Dubrovnik holiday isn’t just a regular sailing trip or a charter package, it is experiencing the true culture of the islands and people, while traveling aboard our catamaran, Ana said. Here is what she wrote. Enjoy! 🙂

So, WHY you ask?

My favorite Raftrek trip is Adventure Sailing Dubrovnik, as said already above. But why, right? The trip takes place in the Elaphiti archipelago – a small group of islands close to the town of Dubrovnik. With turquoise bays, pristine nature and an ever-present traditional way of life. The islands are known for their characteristic Mediterranean feel. Because of their renowned appeal, and their proximity to Dubrovnik. Also, the islands attract large numbers of tourists every year – something many of us wish to avoid.

Adventure Sailing Dubrovnik| Raftrek travel
Croatia Adventure Sailing

Luckily, being accommodated on board a beautiful and spacious catamaran certainly helps in bypassing the feeling that you are visiting one of Europe’s hottest destinations. Having two professionals with you at all times – the guide and the skipper – ensures that you get the maximum out of your holiday experience.


The general idea of this trip is to enjoy your time on board as you sail from location to location exploring different historic towns and engaging in activities Raftrek has planned for you. The skipper will always keep an eye out for the most beautiful and secluded beaches and bays where you can swim, sunbathe, paddle-board or snorkel.

Dubrovnik & Montenegro Sailing Multisport trip combo | Combine short tours | Raftrek Travel
Dubrovnik & Montenegro Sailing Multi-sport trip combo | Raftrek Travel

While on board the boat you have at your disposal everything you might need to keep you entertained. Your guide is always on hand to help you out with the gear and help you with anything to do with living on the boat. At some stops like the Mljet national park and the historic town of Ston your guide will take you on a bicycle tour. On other stops like Koločep island and Lopud island it will be a walk or a hike. And on Šipan it will be a kayaking tour. That is what makes this tour perfect for those looking for a balance of leisure time and activity.

Unbelievable experience in just four days

Each evening the boat anchors or docks in a safe place where you have a chance to disembark and explore a new town and its night scene. Restaurants and taverns on these islands offer some of the best quality seafood and wines Croatia has to offer. Therefore in my opinion, evenings should be devoted to experiencing just that.

Again, the guide and the skipper will be happy to help you get the maximum out of this experience by advising you and making reservations for you according to your preferences. All in all, this is a densely packed little adventure featuring beautiful locations, outdoor activities and exploration of culture and cuisine. Much more than you could dream possible to experience in just four days! Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon on board!

Sunset sailing in Croatia
Sunset sailing in Croatia

What is an Insiders choice?

An insider is an employee, or any other person who is privy to confidential, nonpublic information about a company. So, there you go, we have asked our great Raftrek office team to write about their favorite Raftrek Adventure trip. In the next couple of our blog post, we revel their choices. Stay tuned and follow our blog to read and learn more online!