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Let's return the kindness
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When somebody says NEPAL probably your first association is Mt. Everest and other 10,000 Ft high mountains, accompanied with peaks covered with snow. Yes, just like me, like my first association.

It was time to visit Nepal

After my first visit in 2008, I realized that Nepal hides much more. It can satisfy different needs, from great trekking routs through the beautiful mountains, overlooking the unforgettable peaks, wild rafting trips to expeditions of higher dimensions. To all of the above an exponential joy and pleasure give the eternally smiling and cheerful Nepalese people. Not for a second I felt unwelcome or as a stranger, my every question way answered. Their culture of bargaining is also full of fun and human relations, so with tea and just ten minutes of wrangling, both sides are satisfied and happy. They are endlessly friendly regardless their difficult conditions of life.

Nepal, Good Vibes Country

Happy children-Nepal

Whole villages were gone

In recent years, nature has decided to further complicate the lives of these people. So back in 2014 just before our Manaslu trek, in the region of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, there was a nature disaster. During the year snow fall was heavily as never before. Under the wave of heat, there was a large avalanche in which many tourists, guides and porters lost their lives. After only few months, to be precise in April 2015 there was an unprecedented earthquake. In which again thousands lost their lives. The earthquake inflicted enormous damage to property, private homes, and villages, both in the capital town Kathmandu and in other regions. Whole villages were gone.

Nepal - Raftrek travel


My first trip, as I mentioned was in the Langtang area, where the earthquake destroyed the whole village of Langtang. Also the wider area of Syābru was affected, which is where some of my dear Nepalese friends live. So for the second year they are still living in a tent made of nylon at an altitude of 3000 m, where the winter is anything but mild.

Let’s return the kindness

Immediately after the earthquake, several of us gathered a small amount of money and sent it to our friends. Of course, being aware that, that is only a drop in the ocean, we planned a bigger action plan. The most important thing after living through something like this is to return your life to normality, to build a house, to return to your village, to come home again.

Nepal rafting team-raftrek-travel

Nepal rafting team

So, again last year my travels took me and my good friend Micha again to Nepal, but this time we decided to do more, to sponsor the purchase of materials. So our friend Nurpua can start building his house, his home.  I would not want this to come off as a self-promotion post, but an invitation to all who would like to help to come forward. Because next year, we intend to go to Nepal and help them complete the already commenced construction.

So join us and help volunteering while living the Nepali lifestyle.

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The story is very simple. Davor came on one of first Croatia’s rafting trips back in 1994. And several years later he started his own company called Raftrek. His extensive experience has been gathered on world famous rivers grade IV and V. Hence the experience, it brought him an IRF (International Rafting Federation) Instructor license. Great team work took him on three World Championships and several European championships in rafting. He enjoys spending time in nature leading rafting and kayaking trips on Croatian rivers. But also he passionately enjoys mountain climbing and trekking.

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