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Through beautiful Croatia

Cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport through rural villages and unspoiled natural scenery will leave you speechless. From mountains, lakes and forests to the breathtaking Dalmatian coast.

Brimming with vibrant culture and scenic vistas, Croatia is a beautiful country to see from the seat of a bike. With 1,300 miles long coastline and 1,000 islands to explore. Cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport through the area’s of lush vegetation, olive groves and vineyards is therefore a truly unforgettable experience. Passing through quiet roads, peaceful forests and stunning national parks witnessing the sights and sounds of spectacular Croatia.

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Experiencing Rural Croatia By Bike

Croatia’s Adriatic coast is blessed with a Mediterranean climate

The summers are typically warm and sunny with average daytime temperatures around 80°F and nighttime temperatures dropping to the 60s. From May to June and September to October, temperatures are usually a bit cooler but still comfortable for cycling and swimming. Rain is always a possibility in Croatia so it is essential to bring adequate rainwear and a warm jacket in case of inclement weather. It is overflowing with contrasting landscapes extremely suitable and attractive for discovering and exploration by bicycle. If you decide to experience this abundance of natural and cultural-historical beauty by bicycle, you cannot go wrong.

Cruising by boat, so-called “island hopping”

However, for years the most popular cycle-tourist product of Croatia, has been a multi-day cruising by boat, so-called “island hopping”. In other words from harbor to harbor via the many wonderfully beautiful places. Alongside the popular cruising, also interesting are the guided or self-organized multi-day cycling tours through the national and nature parks.  Cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport is easy. Due to many destinations are well covered with other services for cyclists. Such as hire and service of bicycles, e-bikes, equipment and parts shops, transfers, taxis and alike, whilst the accommodation and catering offer in the destinations is extensive and high quality.

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Useful information for cyclists

Means of public transport that can accept bikes are: trains, boats (ferries) and river ferries. As well as it is also possible to transport bikes by airplane and bus. Also, the bike itself as a means of transport is increasingly becoming a daily part of public transport. Therefore there are more and more public bikes in towns of Croatia.

Cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport is regulated by the Road Traffic Safety Act. The responsibility for the organization of bicycle traffic is held by local and regional governmental authorities.

The principles of regular

  • Ride in accordance with the regulations.
  • It is necessary to have all the legally required equipment on a bicycle
  • Whilst cycling warn other road users of your intentions, especially when turning at junctions and roundabouts.
  • At pedestrian crossings, without marked cycling lanes, it is necessary to dismount your bicycle.
  • Move as close as possible to the right-hand edge of the pavement
  • Use your common sense, think about whether the drivers of cars and other motor vehicles can see you

Safe and pleasant cycling in Croatia

  • Be tolerant towards other traffic users.
  • In towns do not ride in pedestrian zones or squares
  • Before and during cycling:
    – check the condition of your tires, wear and pressure
    – the brakes, peddles and gears
    – check the weather forecast and temperature, and decide on the relevant equipment and think about the appropriate route
    – fill your water bottle/CamelBak/bottle with water wherever you can
    – stop at rest and vantage points, take photographs and share your experience, enjoy yourself

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Cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport will leave you spellbound from the seat of a bike…from mountains, lakes and forests to the breathtaking Dalmatian coast. Also islands filled with ruins, castles, fig trees and olive trees and warm, friendly local people.  It will open up only to those who pass them with open hearts to a new and unexpected inspiration. Let it enchant you and enjoy!

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