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spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls
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Zrmanja River Kayaking video will show you how the river is easy and safe enough for beginners, but the scenery makes it also very exciting. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. Therefore Zrmanja and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. You will see many fish and birds and explore typical karst phenomenon, living travertine waterfalls. The trip begins in Kastel Zegarski, only one hour drive from Zadar.

The most beautiful river you will ever raft or kayak

At this time of year Zrmanja River kayaking is ideal for an exciting river trip. With a paddle in hand, it is an ideal time to ride down the extraordinary beauty of its rapids. The trip starts in Kastel Zegarski village. At that point the guests are greeted by our cheerful guides. Equipped and dressed with the necessary gear for these cooler days on the river. Thorough safety talk and familiarizing with the gear, guides give them a snapshot of what they will later discover by themselves. The most beautiful and most exciting 14 km of the river, if we consider a visit to the river Krupa.

So we have our guides ready to rumble, we have all the equipment we need, and we have the strong, beautiful river waiting for us. Since this is the most beautiful river you will ever raft or kayak on. Let’s roll.

Here is the NEW Zrmanja River Kayaking VIDEO

Koza (meaning The Goat), was born 31 year ago in a beautiful small town called Ogulin in the heart of Croatian mountain area. After he moved to Zagreb he obtained his graphic designer degree. For the last 12 years he has been a white-water rafting competitor, Croatian representative on 3 World Champs, 5 Euro Champs, couple of World Cups and many, many Euro Cup races. He started off as young river guide and fell in love with rivers, he paddled on over 80 rivers around the world. He is a proud owner of the International rafting guide class 3 certificate and mountain guide certificate. Above all, he is open-minded, creative and a lot of fun, but always putting safety first. He looks forward to beeing your guide and to showing you all the knowledge that he has gathered during all these years.

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