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From Land to the Sea: Croatia’s Best Hiking Spots

With its location on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is made up of more than a thousand islands and endless possibilities. Although it is a tourist hot-spot for beaches, its natural beauty lends itself to being a hiker’s paradise. Some areas even ban roads and cars, making them great areas to simply explore and be at one with nature. Here are some of the Croatia’s best hiking and climbing spots in the tranquility of land, sea, and stars.

Paklenica National Park

With some of the most scenic hiking trails and most visited climbing sites in Croatia. Paklenica National Park is not to be missed as one of Croatia’s best hiking and climbing spots. The park contains 150-200km of hiking trails that show you the wildlife, scenic views and culture of the area. If you are a climber, Paklenica has over 360 climbs with various difficulty levels. The park even boasts international climbers’ meetings and marathons so check their events listings if you would like to attend.

Croatia's best hiking
Hiker in Paklenica

Ucka Mountain and Natural Park

Called “Wolf Mountain” in Croatian, the Ucka Mountain dominates the skyline and provides a great panoramic view of the Kvarner bay and its many islands. This sight is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can hike up the mountain in a few hours along many different hiking trails or you can take the challenge of climbing in Vranjska Draga Canyon. This canyon is home to over sixty climbing routes and has become a training location for free-climb adventurers. Some of these cliffs and rock towers are difficult to climb but provide views of many different protected animals and plants in the area.

Croatia's best hiking-3
Climber hanging on rope

Plitvice Lakes National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the pools, lakes, cascades, and caves of Plitvice Lakes National Park are exceptionally beautiful. This is the easiest of the three Croatian hikes as it contains many marked and easily manageable paths. This is not somewhere you would go for a challenging hike, but it does provide gorgeous views of nature and with dolomite rock and limestone covering the lake, it is continuously changing. With over sixteen lakes and many waterfalls, the park is also a great vacation spot for canoers and kayakers.

Croatia's best hiking-2
Green lakes and many beautiful waterfalls is what make Plitvice National Park one of the most beautiful nature scenes in the world

Staying Safe on your adventure

It is important to consider safety measures while traveling through these parks. Before you arrive, check the weather forecast to determine which day is best for a hike. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a first aid kit. Do not travel to the mountains alone and be sure to select a trail that is appropriate based on your abilities. Basic preparation and outdoor survival skills will also help you avoid dangerous situations and stay safe in the case of an unavoidable event. If you are climbing the mountains, be sure to check and double check all your equipment. Wear a climbing helmet for protection and if you’re using rope, be sure to always climb with the rope over your leg to avoid flipping upside down and hitting your head. Therefore stay alert and attentive at all times.

See you in Croatia!

Croatia's best hiking-4
Hiking down mountain ridge

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Jenny Holt