Rafting Zrmanja short clip

clear water, 200 meters deep canyon
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Rafting Zrmanja River short clip.

Emerald clear water, 200 meters deep canyon, nature all around, golden eagles in the sky, trout in the water, goats on cliffs… 69 kilometers long in total and rafting is done on the most exciting part of the river, from Kastel Zegarski to Muskovci village! Altogether 13 kilometers…

On 9th kilometer, there is the most exciting rapid on a trip… Šine! The whole river is narrowed from 20 meters to only 3 meters. After stopping, scouting, guide explaining what to do, what to expect, off we go… Water becomes faster, waves become bigger, eyes start to be wide open, hands start to sweat, the body starts to shake, blood starts to rush through the body…  Don´t worry, be happy! An experienced guide is with you!!! He´s going to guide you safely through the rapid, with a smile on his face… after a drop in, sit and enjoy! Aaaaand don´t forget to smile… 🙂

Rafting Zrmanja River

Tip: best time to go rafting is in April, May or October, November… when snow is melting from the mountains or rainy season is on! It really depends on the weather…

ŠINE: Šine means rails… The legend says that during WW2 Italian army build rails/bridge over the river because that was the place where the river is the narrowest and there were no bridges over the river in that time… During the crossing, one soldier, unfortunately, fell down, in the river and drowned! Not because of the white wild water, but because of all the equipment that he was wearing… Heavy boots, backpack, jacket, rifle, helmet…


Tin is a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. He spends his life engaged in different sports so he is as comfortable as a team player or as a stand-alone guide. For the last ten years with his cheerful spirit and providing a sense of security for each guest, he flavors every trip into an unforgettable experience. Tin is an avid nature lover, so even in the cold winter months, he works as a snowboarding instructor on the slopes across Europe.


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