10. October 2019.   •     Nika

Great combination of activities and nature

E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip is a spectacular e-cycling adventure. A week trip that provides an ideal opportunity to experience the natural wonders and breathtaking views of the region. Even in a country as small as Croatia, you can still find untouched, rural countryside, covered with forests and green fields. The day trips within this E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip are a combination of activities, cultural and nature experiences.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, a World Heritage Site, could be only explored by foot, surrounded with endless waterfalls and forest. To get there we combine cycling and walking. This region is definitely a waterfall region, there are so many waterfalls, that we stopped counting after a while. Daily cycling routes are between two and five hours on moderate to challenge terrain and leave enough time for relaxing in the evening.

Plitvice Lakes are surrounded by untouched nature and many beautiful small villages

Highlights of this E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip

Among the other highlights of this E-cycling Plitvice Lakes trip, are Zeljava airport or “Object 505”, Barac caves, Rastoke village, and Mreznica waterfalls. The “Object 505” was one of the most sophisticated engineering projects builds in 60’ for the communist military air force in Yugoslavia. Cycling the Land of Waterfalls through war ruins and military remains through an endless green landscape, visiting the underground of the caves, and swimming under the waterfalls, are all great reasons to join this great E-cycling adventure week trip.

Here is a short itinerary of the week:

1. day Arrival to Plitvice Holiday Resort

If you choose to arrive in Croatia by plane our guide/driver will pick you up at the airport. We will meet for a welcome drink and a brief orientation. Also, where we will have the chance to discuss the upcoming holiday and get to know our fellow travelers.

Kayaking close to Plitvice Lakes
Amazing view of Plitvice Lakes National Park

2. day Plitvice Lakes National Park Walking and Zip Line

We start our day checking bikes, sizes and heading to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia’s premier national park. Its exquisite series of 16 emerald green and opal blue travertine lakes. Therefore, more than 90 waterfalls and numerous caves make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. day Cycling to the tunnels in airbase Zeljava

Today is all about exploring the lovely pastoral Croatian countryside. We cycle on near traffic free roads through forests, between hills and ruined villages from the war. Our goal is to get to the old Military airport ‘object 505’.

E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip
Cycling around National Park Plitvice

4. day Cycling to cave and exploring medieval ruins

Day of culture and nature beauties. Our country is a speleological El Dorado. Not many countries in the world have so much surface covered in karst. Over fifty percent of Croatian territory, even seventy percent if we include the undersea surface area, is made of limestone.

5. day Optional day, Cycling along “cheese” road and visiting family farms

Today is your day, to enjoy easy rides following the “cheese” road and visiting family farms, like dairy farms, deer farm, horse farm, bee farm…

6. day Cycling hilly roads to reach amazing views of the region

After a day of rest, it’s time to get sweaty. This time we will be far from civilization, cycling through forest uphill to get a nice view of the area. Where there is an uphill, there must be a downhill so be prepared for it.

Cycling-national-parks-Croatia-Raftrek-adventure-travel (1 of 1)-4
Views of the region

7. day Cycling to Rastoke mills village and Mreznica waterfalls for a swim

So today is your last active day with us. After several kilometers on the bicycles, we will reach the Bosnian border. Inhaling Bosnian air mostly all the way to the Rastoke village. Often called “Little Plitvice”. Once the waterfalls provided power for local mills, and today they add to the natural setting of the historical center of Slunj town.

8. day Departure day

Depart for the airport and flight home. Therefore, You are welcome to schedule your homeward transport for any time. If you decide to spend more time in Croatia, our guides will be happy to recommend other beautiful places to visit. Especially those you won’t find in tourist guidebooks.

For more detailed itinerary and inspiration please follow this link.