Travel Alert: Covid-19

for guests on scheduled departures in 2020
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*UPDATE Feb 1st, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect countries differently. Challenges to any international travel at this time may include mandatory quarantines, providing a negative PCR test, travel restrictions, and closed borders. Foreign governments may implement restrictions with little notice, even in destinations that were previously low risk. If you choose to travel internationally, your trip may be severely disrupted.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Croatia due to COVID-19 (updated Feb 1st, 2021). Croatia has experienced a drop in COVID cases in the past few weeks. Hospitality services, nightclubs, casinos, sports, and recreational centers remain closed, fairs and tourist events are prohibited.

Wearing protective masks is mandatory throughout the country in public transportation, in enclosed public spaces, and where social distance can’t be implemented (for example bus stations).

However, we strongly believe that taking care of yourself and each other will benefit in reopening Croatia for all. For more information on the latest measures, please visit the Croatian Government’s COVID website.

PLEASE NOTEThis Travel alert: Covid-19 is for guests on scheduled departures in 2021. Don’t cancel, postpone your travel.

We all find ourselves in a difficult situation these days. Let’s all be disciplined and listen to the experts to get rid of the virus and get on with our normal lives as soon as possible. Now we all need the strength and patience to overcome this situation. Take care of yourself and others, stay healthy. We hope you and your loved ones are well.

Despite the emergency, we are still available via email and phone for all information.

Recommendations and instructions: Travel Alert: Covid-19

Recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health for Croatian and foreign nationals who are crossing the state border and entering the Republic of Croatia.
We invite you to use this tool that provides updates and information on the RE-OPENING of the EU. You can follow the link and choose the country you are planning on traveling to and get up-to-date info. Here is what they say:
“The European Union, and all of its member states, are planning for a safe re-opening of Europe. While protecting the public health remains our priority, we want everyone to enjoy their holidays, to reunite with family and friends, and to be able to travel for any purpose. This interactive tool provides you with the information that you need to confidently plan your European travel and holidays while staying healthy and safe. The information is frequently updated and available in 24 languages for your convenience.”
*This information is taken from the official website of the European Union.

We want to make your booking easier!

In order to provide maximum flexibility in times of uncertainty, we give you the following options:

  • In case you have already booked a tour with us and are unable to travel, please feel free to use the “Credit on file” option. Credit on file allows you to transfer your booking over to an alternative date in 2021, or to 2022 for free!
  • In case you are unable to travel due to unforeseeable circumstances and in relation to COVID-19 restrictions and wish to cancel your trip, we will refund you in full – only keeping the bank transaction fees.
  • If you are interested in booking a tour with us, you are now able to do so without a deposit! Instead, you can pay your deposit a month before your trip, and the rest 7 days before your trip.
We will keep you updated. Feel free to contact us at any point.

Below you can find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding conditions of traveling and booking for 2021.
If you cannot find the answer to your question, please follow the link.

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Frequently asked questions

*UPDATE Feb 1st, 2021.
Are all citizens permitted to enter? – PARTIALLY
  • Travelers coming directly from EU Member States or Schengen Associated countries and regions that are currently classified as “green” will be allowed entry in Croatia with no restrictions.
  • All other travelers who arrive in Croatia from EU Member States or Schengen Associated countries and regions that are NOT classified as “green” must present a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours (from the time of taking the swab to the time of arrival at the border crossing point).
  • As an alternative to a PCR test result that is not older than 48 hours, travelers can have the PCR test performed upon arrival in Croatia (at their own expense), with the obligation to stay in quarantine until they receive a negative test result.
  • This also applies to EU/EEA citizens and their family members traveling to Croatia from a third country.
Is public transportation operating? - YES
  • Wearing protective masks is mandatory throughout the country in public transportation, and the number of passengers in the vehicle is limited.
What do I need to do for entering the Republic of Croatia?
Cancellation charges per person (percentage of total arrangement price) as of Jan 25th, 2021

For our Multiday trips

  • 30 or more days prior to arrival: 0%
  • 29-22 days prior to arrival: 25%
  • 21-15 days prior to arrival: 40%
  • 14-8   days prior to arrival: 80%
  • 7-0   days prior to arrival or no show: 90%
    Failing to make an appearance and travel without prior cancellation shall entitle the Agency to withhold 100% of the payment made regardless of the reason or reasons for the cancellation.

For our One day trips

  • 8 or more days prior to arrival: 0%
  • 2-7 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • 1 day prior to arrival or no show: 100%
    Failing to make an appearance and travel without prior cancellation shall entitle the Agency to withhold 100% of the payment made regardless of the reason for cancellation.

You are free to read more on our *TEMPORARY CHANGES in our Terms & Conditions.

What are the procedures regarding the current situation?

Raftrek COVID-19 Procedures & Recommendations for all

  • A face mask is a must in enclosed environments (in vans, common rooms where social distancing is not possible). However, during the activities, we don’t advise masks.
  • WE ADVISE bringing your own protective mask! However, if you fail to bring your own Raftrek will provide it for an additional fee.
  • Surfaces that guests, guides, and drivers come into contact with often (surfaces in the van, seats, headrests, armrests, belts, door handles, desks, toilets, and other facilities) must be cleaned with appropriate disinfectant solution several times a day (max 2-hour interval, or between transfers).
  • After every use, the equipment is cleaned with appropriate disinfectant solution

Face mask is a must in enclosed environments | Raftrek travel

COVID-19 Procedures for Guides or Drivers

  • A guide must wear a protective mask while meeting guests in enclosed environments.
  • A guide must encourage social distancing at all times during the tour of min. 2 m between individual guest groups.
  • If a guest shows symptoms of COVID-19 such as: coughing, throat soreness, high temperature, pain in joints, etc., the guide is obligated to act upon it according to the appropriate protocol.


  • Vehicles are provided with a sanitizer with 70% or more alcohol consistency.
  • Vehicles must be provided with a closed container for used napkins, masks, and other hygiene product disposal.
  • Regularly ventilate the Passengers cabin.
  • The driver must make enough stops (every 2 hours) during the transfer to ventilate the vehicle.
  • Don’t use the AC.