Croatia Active and Adventure Holidays

Tours and trips

All of our tours and trips are a one-of-a-kind adventure with a well-choreographed backstage effort. After 10 years of practice, we’ve perfected the craft of creating and delivering great experiences. From the first time we engage in a conversation about your tours and trips up until the point you return home. We are here to make everything in between easy. During your holiday we will make sure your travel logistics and other details are handled. Therefore you can focus on having fun and being relaxed. Our passion is ensuring that travel ideas and dreams come true. And that our guest travelers have fun while living the dream!

Croatia Active and Adventure tours and trips

Croatia has a rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas. From mountains to plains, from rivers to the sea with a long and rich history. Therefore travel with us and you’ll plunge into a region with access only residents can offer. We designed our adventure tours and trips in Croatia for flexible, energetic people who like to be active. Our daily program is a combination of kayaking, walking, swimming, sightseeing and exploring. While Croatia is probably the most beautiful country in Europe. And the fact that only a few people know about it, means that You shouldn’t wait long! Get to know Croatia and its diverse destinations from a different angle.