ROBFIN Packraft

1.202,47 € (9060 kn)

The price is in euro and kuna. The price in kuna is displayed at the fixed conversion rate of 1 €=7,53450 kn according to article 7-point 2, and article 15-point 3 of the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia.

A completely new concept of packrafting. Instead of mushy packraft, you get a high-pressure packraft from extremely heavy-duty fabric, that takes you anywhere and makes it fun! Stable and self-bailing packraft with a performance of a hardshell boat. Fast and manoeuvrable, good for beginners, experienced boaters, or experts as well.

You can roll in it, you can surf, you can ferry, you can do whatever you can imagine. At the same time, it is very stable and holds the beginner if needed. Expert kayakers will enjoy the run, beginners will shortly get on white water. On top of it is a very light, easy-to-pack small, versatile boat with many features for whitewater or touring. Easy to sit on, easy to step out.

Length: 240 cm (M); 265 cm (L)

Width: 89 cm (M); 96 cm (L)

Weight: 5,25 kg (M); 6,25 kg (L)

Chambers: 3

Recommended load: 40 – 100 kg (M); 80 – 140 kg (L)