ROBFIN Beaver kayak

from 550,00 € (4.143.97 kn)

The price is in euro and kuna. The price in kuna is displayed at the fixed conversion rate of 1 €=7,53450 kn according to article 7-point 2, and article 15-point 3 of the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia.

The design of the Robfin Beaver kayak is based on experience taken from river expeditions worldwide. Good design can´t be made in the office. When you get into the craziest situations navigated by the most experienced crew, the result is this boat design. Where every part has its reason and purpose.

Kayak is designed for easy summer floats, as well as for white water runs. Designed to work for a long time, be stable, and be safe. It is designed as a stable boat for less experienced boaters. The inflatable bottom is between the tubes for better stability and fast self-bailing. Leg and back supports can be adjusted to get a better balance of the kayak. The bottom has big buoyancy and your dry and comfortable seat is guaranteed during all float.

We have used kayaks for sale, so please contact us for details and availability.

Length: 420 cm

Width: 103 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Capacity: 2 persons