from 600 € (4520.7kn)

All the boats are USED.

The price is in euro and kuna. The price in kuna is displayed at the fixed conversion rate of 1 €=7,53450 kn according to article 7-point 2, and article 15-point 3 of the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia.

The name Seayak has been synonymous with fast and attractive kayaks, safe and easy to handle, for many years. Seayak is versatile for deep rivers, lakes, and open waters. Medium in weight and size, Seayak offers comfortable space conditions and ample space for extensive tours. The sheer amount of deck-mounting options allow you to carry all your luggage and important accessories.

We sell two variations of the boat.

PRIJON Seayak ACTIVE – 600 €


Material: HTP

Length: 490 cm

Width: 58 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Volume: 360 L

Capacity: 120 kg