F2 SUP board for rent

Rent for 1-5 days – 20 € (150,69 kn) per day
Rent for 5+ days – 15 € (113,02 kn) per day

Included in the price: SUP board, paddle.
The price is in euro and kuna. The price in kuna is displayed at the fixed conversion rate of 1 €=7,53450 kn according to article 7-point 2, and article 15-point 3 of the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia.

The F2 Star SUP is a versatile inflatable board for stand-up paddling. For stand-up paddling, the Star is designed with a low rocker and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. The ideal board for fun flat water cruising longboard style. Fun for the whole family.

Pump, fins
Top quality 3-piece aluminium paddle
Balanced volume distribution
Surf longboard design
Diamond EVA deck for great comfort and traction
Bungee cords for cargo secure
Quick build up