23. May 2017.   •     Branimir

For the second time in just one year we decided to upgrade our guide certification. This time with an ADVANCED TECHNICIAN – PRO COURSE. As you all already know what we do and how we do it. It is always safety first.

Raftrek guide certification

So, we had the same team, in the same place with the same lecturer from last time. But this time with raised level of qualifications. Making our team, the third generation of ADVANCED TECHNICIAN – PRO in Europe. This may sound a lot, but all generations can be counted in finger on both hands.

Advanced technician – PRO systems guides
Advanced guide course

Our friend and lecturer Mark (lapinkoskikoulu.com) is this year’s winner of the River Rescue 3 Europe award for the most engaged instructor.

Advanced technician – PRO systems

After five days of fierce work on the river, but with the emphasis on ropes and various systems, we successfully completed the course. Thus added another star to an already rather extensive experience. The training was thorough. The first day we had some recapitulation of the material. Theories, swimming, basic rope work, knots, systems etc, after the introductory we started with more advanced systems of lowering and raising the injured. And the most exciting part was the night search of the river which is a really special experience. All in all it was an another good training.

Advanced technician – PRO systems - Rope practice
Rope practice

Aside from raising the quality of the guide, the knowledge gained can greatly assist in various spawning and flooding actions. In hope that some of our great tour guides will not stop educating them selfs and become instructors in the short near and bright future. That would greatly assist future new guides because they could take the basic training in their own country.

ADVANCED TECHNICIAN - PRO systems - Rope testing

Feel free to read more about our guide certification from last time!