16. June 2015.   •     Nika

OK, we know that this title might be little pretentious, but it’s time for someone to pay attention to this exceptional Croatian athlete and his top sports results!

Raftrek’s guide, one of the greatest Croatian athletes of all time!

Croatian athlete
Emil Millihram, the greatest Croatian athlete

The most successful white water canoeist, 32-year-old Croatian athlete Emil Milihram from Varaždin defended his European title in the discipline of classical downhill! At the 10th European Championship in downhill on white waters that began on Thursday in Banja Luka. This is his fourth winning title at the European Championships! If these results are added with the 5 consecutive winning titles at the World Championships. It is clear that this is one of the greatest Croatian athletes of all time!

Most of you reading this have never heard of Emil Milihram? And you know at least one football club from the third division!? Is not that a little strange?

Croatia athlete
Gold medal winner Emil Milihram

Speed, action, energy, unspoiled nature, adrenaline, we are talking about hundredths of a second, wild water and of course beautiful landscapes. Despite being very interesting to watch, canoe on white water, unfortunately, is one of those sports that is almost completely unrepresented in Croatian media.

We will not speculate why this is so but it is unusual that such an athlete and such results go almost completely unnoticed! Few years ago Emil was one of Raftrek’s guides and we spent a nice summer paddling along Zrmanja River. We are very proud of him and we hope that the injustice will soon be corrected. And that therfore Emil and his extraordinary sports results obtain a rightful place in the Croatian sports history!

Raftrek guides and Emil
Raftrek guides and Emil

Well done Emil!