19. May 2016.   •     Tin

We decided to upgrade our skills with an WHITEWATER RESCUE COURSE. As you all already know what we do and how we do it, safety first.

WRT-Pro course

Raftrek travel, in cooperation with Rafting Klub Kanjon from Banja Luka, brought Rescue 3 instructor Mark Hirst to provide WRT-Pro course (WHITEWATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN – Pro) for a great group of enthusiasts. Well all IRF (International Rafting Federation) licensed skilled guides. We started our journey in Zagreb. Where we picked up Mark. In just a couple of hours driving we were at Rafting Klub Kanjon base on Vrbas River, Bosnia and Hercegovina. After we stretched our legs we went to scout the river to see where and what we are going to do for the next couple of days.

Really great experience!

Every day, dry suites were on, helmets, PFD´s, carabiners, pulleys, webbing, throw bags…everything was on! We spend every day, whole day in the river practiced rescuing people. From different situations, transferring people, equipment from one side of the river to the another side. We even had night exercise with glowing ˝party sticks˝ on our helmets so we can see each other while swimming in the dark and cold water. Really good experience! WRT-Pro course upgraded us in every aspect. We did a lot of rope work, swimming, throwing throw bags, live baiting, entrapment’s, scenarios, study cases on organizing river search etc.

Now, you can feel even safer with us! 🙂

We are attaching a video report from our fellow Bosnian TV program