Visit Krka National Park cycling to the waterfalls

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Krka River National Park will thrill you

Visit Krka National Park cycling to the waterfalls and enjoy its natural beauty. Also its fantastic karst formations and travertine waterfalls, history and attractive swimming areas. The Krka River National Park is spacious. Largely unchanged region. Offering its visitor exceptional and multifaceted natural value. Including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. The 73 km long Krka River defines the national park landscape. Its wonderful waterfalls stretching from the western foot of the Dinaric Range into the Adriatic sea near Sibenik. The waterfalls are a karstic phenomenon. Over millennia river water has created a canyon up to 200 m deep through limestone hills, bringing calcium carbonate with it. The material is called tufa. It is formed by billions of plants growing on top of one another. As a result, these growths create barriers in the river that produce spectacular waterfalls.

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Cycling to the waterfalls

Visit Krka National Park cycling to the waterfalls

There are five main entrances to the park. While most people visit from Sibenik. So, the two most popular starting points are Skradin and Lozovac at the southern end. The other three entrances are at Roški Slap, Krka Monastery, and Burnum. Therefore when you are at the Krka River National Park there are several places of interest. The attractions and facilities available are various footpaths, sightseeing tours, and presentations. Also boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants. Finally, there are also several archaeological remains of fortresses in the park’s vicinity. Dating back to as far as the Roman times.

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Gone swimming; photo credits to KovaZGPhotography

Swimming underneath waterfalls

Cycling to visit Krka National Park will take you to the most visited and the most popular part of the national park, the Skradinski Buk waterfall. It is a 44-meter high waterfall and the mere sight of it is quite impressive. Swimming underneath it will be an experience you will never forget. There is an educational trail around the waterfall where you can visit the old village of Skradinski Buk. Basic cycling experience is needed. Children from 12 years of age and older, accompanied by parents, can participate. We use professional Kona bicycles, and each group gets a trained guide. You will get a helmet, a bicycle and safety instructions. Shorts or a bathing suit, a T-shirt and sports shoes are all you need to wear. Don’t forget your sun cream, water, and picnic.

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Well deserved swim after a nice bike ride

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