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5 Places in Croatia: Traveling On A Student Budget

Traveling On A Student Budget in Croatia is more than possible. You only need to plan your activities and day trips that will show you the local culture. Croatia is an amazing country. It is home to wonderful natural parks with waterfalls, lakes and unique wildlife. Croatia offers you interesting activities to do and places to see. You can sunbathe on a beach or you can hike and see the marvels of nature Croatia has to offer you.

However, if you are a student, you might think that you cannot travel on a budget. Or that you cannot enjoy a trip to a foreign country because you do not have enough money to do it. We are lucky that we reached this point in our evolution when it is easier than before to travel from one continent to another. Because there are too many beautiful places to see, here are five must-see destinations in Croatia Traveling On A Student Budget.

1. Zagreb City

Sunset on European square, Zagreb

Zagreb is the city capital of Croatia. It is full of life, bars, restaurants, and clubs. Unfortunately, it is one of the most underrated places in Europe, but it is surely worth the shot. Zagreb is well adapted to people that are visiting it on a budget, so you will find a wide offer of hostels to choose from. Students have discounts when visiting museums, so be sure you can prove you are a student. One of the most interesting things about Zagreb is that it has the Museum of Broken Relationships. It is a
collection of objects brought by people after breakups.

Zagreb is one of the most affordable places in Croatia, especially because Croatia does not have prices as high as other European countries, such as Italy or Spain. Zagreb is a great cultural and artistic hub and you will have the opportunity to see incredible street art wherever you go. And the beginning of summer marks the beginning of festivals that take place on Zagreb’s streets and parks.

2. National Park Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a forest reserve situated in the center of Croatia. 16 lakes turn into waterfalls and the scenery is amazing. The lakes are terraced and have a wonderful blue color, given by the water that pours down on limestone rocks.

Plitvice walking | Raftrek Adventure Travel
Walking on Plitvice Lakes National park

To save more money, avoid choosing trips that extend on more than one day. Additional costs like transport, accommodation, and food are added. Instead, you can choose one-day trips that are more affordable. At Plitvice Lakes, you can spend one-day hiking and admiring the marvels of nature. Keep in mind that in the middle of the day, the national park is more crowded so you want to be there early. You do not need a tour guide because there are lots of signs to make sure tourists do not lose track. There is a shuttle that takes you to the entrance, near the upper lakes.

3. Zeljava Air Base

Zeljava is a small but full of history village near the border with Bosnia Herzegovina. What was probably top secret a few decades ago, now it’s open to the public. There are a secret airbase and a dark maze built inside a mountain. You can take an adventure and visit galleries, side tunnels and see abandoned aircraft.

Visiting Zeljava ground base and tunnels is a small part of a one-day jeep safari expedition. It is a great activity you can have in one day and it comes with other activities too. It is like a gastronomical and cultural tour where you have the opportunity to have a picnic on top of Pljesevica Mountain. You can also visit the dairy farm and have a tour guide with you.

Secrets for rovers_Zeljava | Raftrek Travel

4. Brac Island

If you want to visit those white sand beaches you see on the internet, Brac is the perfect destination. It is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea that offers you hiking opportunities, as well as wonderful beaches and windsurfing occasions. Brac Island is not as popular as other destinations in Croatia, so it is less expensive.

The most iconic places of Brac are the Zlatni Rat Beach, known also as Golden Horn, and Vidova Gora, the highest peak on the island. Life on the island is usually slower than in other places, so you have plenty of time to enjoy it. And because you are traveling on a student budget, you can use your knowledge to your advantage. Offer remote resume help on  EssayUniverse and earn some money for your next travels.

5. Korcula Island

Korcula is another Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. It is a small, yet beautiful and interesting island that was under Venetian rule some time ago. It is mostly quiet and not crowded. So, you can spend a nice time on this island, where you can also visit Marco Polo’s birth house. You can visit Korcula historic center and enjoy some “moreška” sword dances.

Korcula is known as “the little Dubrovnik” because of its small villages around the island. During summer, there are lots of small street festivals taking place in the evening, and an idyllic and cozy atmosphere can be enjoyed on the streets of Korcula.

North Dalmatia Best Adventures-islands-Croatia-Raftrek-travel


Croatia has a lot to offer: incredible lakes and waterfalls, small islands, idyllic villages, and secret tunnels.
Students are usually traveling on a tight budget, but you cannot let this prevent you from enjoying the beauty of this country.  You can take one-day trips, but also a hike in Croatia’s National Parks. There are a lot of hidden gems that wait for you to discover them.

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