Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island

archipelago hidden in the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea
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A great weekend sea kayaking trip

Raftrek team members took a great weekend trip to scout the beautiful region of the national park. Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island from first hand. They sent us some great photos. Read further and enjoy the views.

Sea kayaking in Croatia on the Adriatic is quite different than the Pacific, the North Sea or the Mediterranean. It is warm and with insignificant tides. There are sandy beaches but gravel is more common. While rocks of all kinds are most likely to be found almost everywhere. Explore the caves and relax in hidden coves. You will enjoy the sun and warm water. Discover the world of silence under the surface. Finally, your sea kayak will take you to where sailing boats don’t even dream of daring. Very near the rocks, to the thin line between the sea and land.

Kornati sea kayaking

Kornati sea kayaking

More than a 1000 islands

History is another thing that makes sea kayaking in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea special. These islands have witnessed the power and the glory of Roman and Ottoman empires, Venetian and Dubrovnik Republic, Napoleon legions and Allied forces. And you can see it on almost every step. We know our islands and coast and we’ll take you to the very best places. Sea kayaking in Croatia will not just be a sport and nature experience but also a cultural one. Come and see for yourself it’s not the same as seeing it in a picture. The fact that only a few people know about it means that you shouldn’t wait long.

Sea kayaking Kornati view from above

Sea kayaking Kornati view from above

Sailing and Sea Kayaking from a different perspective

The first destination we reach is the island Prvic. The first settlers were probably recluses. While traveling aboard our catamaran, you will experience the true culture of the islands and people. This Kornati Sailing Adventure holiday isn’t just a sailing trip or an adventure package. We designed it for those who love being active, who admire the outdoors and appreciate ancient architecture and local tradition.  Our yachts or kayaks are occasionally escorted by friendly dolphins or tuna that are often seen in the area. Croatia is alive with well-preserved old towns, castles, palaces, monuments and native architecture. Together with the tradition, folklore, art scenes and music, it is a unique and exotic place to discover. If you plan to spend your vacation in Croatia you will find a wide range of activity tours with Raftrek.

Koranti view from the fortress

Kornati view from the fortress

Join the Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island trip and enjoy sailing in Croatia

You are going to spend 3 or 4 nights on this Kornati Sailing Adventure around the most spectacular coastline in Europe. Also, you will discover tiny islands and secluded coves of Kornati National Park archipelago hidden in the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea. We start our sailing expedition in Skradin. On the very edge of the Krka National Park. The coastal waters of Sibenik contain an archipelago of numerous islands. Therefore these little islands make marvelous getaways if you’re looking for a rustic vacation experience. On our last sailing day, we head back towards Skradin.

Hope to see you Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island.

Good night to all 🙂

Sunset view for the night

Sunset view for the night

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