25. March 2021.   •     Stjepan

Rafting and packrafting the Sava river

Would you believe me if I told you that you can experience true peace and quiet in beautiful nature, and still be just a few minutes away from the city center? Well, that is the case in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, and the river flowing through it – the Sava river. For many years, people from the city, including me, hiked up the slopes of Medvednica mountain to get their daily dose of peace and fresh air. Medvednica is a mountain very close to the city and is perfect for easy hikes and relaxation.

This time, however, the Raftrek team decided to go rafting and packrafting on the Sava river, as true nature and river lovers. The Sava river flows right through the city, dividing it into the northern and southern parts, but the riverbanks are still wild and untidy so you can feel the authenticity of the river.

Prepairing for rafting at Sava river | Raftrek Adventure Travel
Preparing for rafting at Sava river

Serenity in the concrete jungle

We started right beneath the Podsused bridge in the western part of the city. After a short setup of the rafts, which included installing the oars – we were ready. The four of us used 2 oar rafts – that are perfect for calmer and wide rivers, like the Sava river, and 2 packrafts. During the trip we made a few stops on the natural pebble beaches, using the time to take some nice photos and drone videos. Nature looks almost fully intact, and you can listen to the river flowing, birds chirping, and wind blowing. It was an opportunity to forget about the city noises and the bustle.

Rafting on Sava river Zagreb | Raftrek Adventure Travel
Rafting on Sava river Zagreb

Now more than ever, people need an escape from all the world’s craziness and a trip into nature is the perfect way to do it. Impressed with nature’s beauty we slowly went down the river with a huge smile on our faces. When we arrived in the urban area, we saw the city as the Sava river sees it and it was beautiful. The muffled sounds of the city made it look a bit more relaxed and slower than usual. It was yet more proof that everything is better on the river!

Our trip ended beneath the Hendrix bridge where our team welcomed us and helped us get out and pack our stuff. It was a perfect short outing, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Tea time on Sava river | Raftrek Adventure Travel
Tea time on Sava river