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Prepare Your Travel Kit Smartly

Being prepared for hiking Croatian Trails Safely can make a big difference in your travel experience. Croatia offers some of the best hiking and adventure travels in Europe. Boasting of rugged mountains, stunning coastlines, gorgeous forests, unique fauna and incredible islands. If you are thinking of embarking on a journey to discover some of its amazing nature, go on a hiking and camping trip. Depending on the weather and the season, it is important to be prepared and carry essential items. Therefore making your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible.

NP Sjeverni Velebit
NP Sjeverni Velebit

Protective Clothing and Gear

The low season in Croatia runs from October to April. Winters are cold and wet. July and August see hordes of visitors out to enjoy the beaches and the hot weather. Therefore shoulder months of May, June and September are great for hiking. With sunny skies, temperate climate and less people. It is important to dress properly, whether you are hiking for a day or a week. Since a good pair of sturdy shoes is key to go through the hike comfortably. It is essential to buy one that is weatherproof and breathable. Clothing should be breathable as well so that it does not absorb sweat or moisture when the going gets rough. Layering is an obvious choice so you can add or peel off clothing as temperatures drop or increase.

Durmitor hiking day
Durmitor hiking

Tools and Implements

Hiking for an extended period requires you to set camp for the night at legal campsites.  You might decide to linger just a little longer to enjoy the fabulous views of Paklenica National Park, imposing Ucka Mountain or the gorgeous Croatian Islands. Whatever your plans are, being prepared by carrying essential items with you can only work to your advantage. Be sure to include a multi-purpose knife in your travel kit that you can use to open cans & bottles, repair things or make bandages. In addition, a light tent and sleeping bag always come in handy when camping. Do not forget maps and a reliable GPS or compass to help navigate your. Therefore helping you find the way to the trail, sources of water, points of attraction or campsites.


It is important to stay hydrated everyday and hiking demands that you pay attention to the number of liquids you consume as you exert more efforts, climb mountains or go for extended walks. Risnjak National Park is one of Croatia’s 8 national parks. It features verdant forest, charming meadows and interesting wildlife. The highlight of your visit to the park is a 3-hour hike to the Schlosser Hut. A beautiful mountain hut/small hotel perched at an altitude of 1,438 meters. During your hikes, carry enough food and water with you and be sure to have a water bottle. Purifying tablets to access clean water are not necessary, but could be handy as well as torches, spare batteries, sunscreen, sunglasses and a first-aid kit. You must also include safety items in your travel kit such as matches to build a fire to keep yourself warm or whistle & flares to signal that you need help or are lost.

S Velebit, Premužića staza
S Velebit, Premužića staza

Just enjoy!

There are so many things to see in this amazing country. Therefore having a travel kit that meets your needs and keeps you safe and comfortable can only enhance your enjoyment of the trip.

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