25 + 1 reasons why Croatia

world's best place for Adventurism
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Croatia is the best place for adventurism, here is why:

1. Climate

Sunny day in Dubrovnik

It’s often possible to ski in the mountains and swim in the sea the same day

2. Croatia is in Europe…

Croatia Best Destination Raftrek Travel

..or is it not? If you take an “of the beaten path”, there you will not find Europe, only the Balkans

3. Rivers are drinkable


Rivers Zrmanja, Krupa, Krka, Kupa, Cetina … most of them are drinkable along their entire length

4. Croatia has the Alps


Hiking in Croatia is something you need to try.

5. Croatia has 1,177 islands, islets and reefs


Croatia has 78 inhabited islands, 524 smaller islands and 642 islets and reefs and is rightly called “the country of 1000 islands”.

6. Lakes

National Park Plitvice in winter Raftrek Travel

Plitvice Lakes are under UNESCO protection, and one of the few top world tourist destinations. Many do not know that Plitvice are most beautiful in winter!

7. Sea

Adriatic Sea Croatia Raftrek travel

Almost 100% of the Croatian coast is characterized by excellent purity! Adriatic Sea temperatures range from 22 to 25 ° C in summer and 5 to 15 ° C in winter time.

8. Winds

Croatia winds

When caught unprepared, one will blow you away, another will make you go mad. Croatian winds tend to be quite tricky if you do not know how to deal with them

9. Rafting


When they have enough water, Croatian rivers are great for rafting

10. Kayaking and canoeing


Not to say all, but most Croatian rivers are perfect for kayaking and canoeing!

11. Sea kayaking

Croatia sea kayaking tours Raftrek travel

Because of impressive diversity, Croatian coast and islands are perfect for sea-kayak expeditions

12. Cycling


Hundreds of amazing routes and even more untouched, wild, remote areas. If you are lucky enough to tumble into an old mountain village,ask for domestic food…

13. Climbing


14. Speleology


You can jump into caves with a parachute, see endemic species or natures work of art. Croatia underground has a real fortune!

15. Sailing

Sailing in Croatia Raftrek travel

Skradin, Kornati, Mljet, Vis, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Brac, Split, Trogir … Everyone knows that Croatia is one of the world’s most popular sailing destinations.

16. Stand up paddling

Stand Up Paddling Croatia

When you run short of wind, take a paddle and go. Because of all we’ve said earlier Croatia is top destination for stand up paddling.

17. Cowboys

Horseback riding in Croatia

Cowboy Adventure is carefully tailored week-long program to liven your spirit and engage your body

18. Diving

Diving in Croatia

The wildlife underwater is “breathtaking”. Transparency is much higher than in other seas, and is up to 56 meters.

19. Surfing

Croatia kite surfing

Brač and Viganj, due to the excellent conditions they offer, are the best places in Croatia for wind and kite surfing

20. Skydiving

Faust, Croatian inventor from the 16th century

Faust, Croatian inventor from the 16th century, was responsible for the development of the parachute we know today! Today you can jump more or less the whole of Croatia. View of Velebit Mountain on one side and the islands on the other hand, is magnificent!

21. Paragliding


Croatia is, of course, perfect for paragliding. There are many landscaped paragliding airfield

22. B.A.S.E. jumping


There are many popular places for BASE jumping. Rock Anica Kuk in the Paklenica, Red Lake in Imotski, Klis above Split, numerous skyscrapers in Zagreb… and some jump in caves on Velebit

23. Wing-suit

Robert Pecnik, Croat of course, designed the B.A.S.E. pouch, and special secondary pilot chute pocket with Velcro bridle attachment that allows for quick and clean pulls on base jumps with a wingsuit.

Robert Pecnik, Croat of course, designed the B.A.S.E. pouch, and special secondary pilot chute pocket with Velcro bridle attachment that allows for quick and clean pulls on base jumps with a wing-suit.

24. Zipline

Zip Line Croatia-Raftrek travel

Zip Line on Cetina river in Croatia is one of most popular summer attraction in Omiš area

25. Adventure Motorcycling

Adventure motorcycling

Balkans or the so-called “Europe’s Mongolia” is a new top adventure motorcycle destination. Did we already say that Croatia was in the Balkans, or not?

All can be done within just 100 square kilometers!!!



When it comes to a huge variety of adventures within just over 100 square km Croatia is the best place for adventurism in the world. Croatia is a small country, much smaller then popular adventure destinations such as Africa, South America or Australia. However, when it comes to a huge variety of adventures within just over 100 square km Croatia is the best place for adventurism in the world. Get in touch and we will show you.


Koza (meaning The Goat), was born 31 year ago in a beautiful small town called Ogulin in the heart of Croatian mountain area. After he moved to Zagreb he obtained his graphic designer degree. For the last 12 years he has been a white-water rafting competitor, Croatian representative on 3 World Champs, 5 Euro Champs, couple of World Cups and many, many Euro Cup races. He started off as young river guide and fell in love with rivers, he paddled on over 80 rivers around the world. He is a proud owner of the International rafting guide class 3 certificate and mountain guide certificate. Above all, he is open-minded, creative and a lot of fun, but always putting safety first. He looks forward to beeing your guide and to showing you all the knowledge that he has gathered during all these years.

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