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Sunset view, while sailing to Šibenik
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An ancient town with a lively spirit

Šibenik, Popular Destination, the town earned its place in the list among other prestigious cities primarily due to its Banj Beach. Since it is located just five minutes away from the old city center. Where apart from a nice swim in the clean sea, you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the UNESCO-protected St. Jacob’s Cathedral.

According to most media, this is “a unique cathedral in Europe”. Made exclusively out of stone and without any materials that would bind the construction such as cement or wood. Therefore Šibenik is a must do destination while in Croatia.

Šibenik Popular destination for 2018, Raftrek Travel

Šibenik old town view from the sea front

Šibenik Popular Destination to visit while in Croatia

First of all, Šibenik is an unavoidable destination. With its breathtaking cathedral it’s a great place for inspirational sightseeing. Due to its position Šibenik town is a political, educational, transport, industrial and tourist center of the county.

Also the 3rd largest city in the historic region of Dalmatia. Unlike other cities along the Adriatic coast. Which were established by the Greeks, Illyrians, and Romans. Šibenik was founded by Croats. Also, there are four fortresses in the city. So, each provides a spectacular view of the city, sea and nearby islands.

Places of interest in the region

Beautiful Šibenik Bridge, Raftrek Travel

Beautiful Šibenik Bridge


Krka River National Park will thrill you with its natural beauty. Also its fantastic karst formations and travertine waterfalls, history and attractive swimming areas. The Krka River National Park is spacious. Therefore, offering its visitor exceptional and multifaceted natural value. Including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. The Krka River is 73 km long and defines the national park landscape.

Its wonderful waterfalls stretching from the western foot of the Dinaric Range into the Adriatic sea near Sibenik. The waterfalls are a karstic phenomenon. The material is called tufa. It is formed by billions of plants growing on top of one another. As a result, these growths create barriers in the river that produce spectacular waterfalls.

Skradin town is a magical place

View of Skradin town, Raftrek travel

View of Skradin town

Skradin town small picturesque town. Situated at the doorstep of the Krka River National Park in Croatia. Just 80 kilometers from Split. This magical place is where the river joins the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, it is a pretty little riverside town. With a combination of brightly painted and bare stone houses on its main street and a ruined fortress towering above. Also, one of the oldest Croatian settlement with the “town“ status. Beautiful nature and World Heritage sites like Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, and Split, surround Skradin. Making it a great setting for an activity holiday.

Activities in the region

Croatia tailor-made trip | Sunset Sailing Cruise

Sunset Sailing trip

We start our sunset sailing trip in Croatia from Skradin. On the very edge of the Krka National Park. Skradin is an attractive tourist destination with an authentic stone town core. Its location is in Central Dalmatia

Krka National Park biking | Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia

Cycling Krka River

Cycling Krka River National Park is breathtaking. So, there is hardly a better way to get around it than cycling. This biking route will lead you through Croatian history while enjoying a landscape of forests, hills, and monuments.

SUP Skradin bay SUP Skradin bay Croatia sunset | Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia

SUP Skradin Bay

SUP Croatia Skradin Bay starts on the beach in Skradin. Therefeor, after a short introduction to paddling, we start our expedition. You will paddle across the Prokljan Lake to the beach in Bilice. The water here is brackish. Mixed fresh and saltwater.

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