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Active Holidays

Unbeatable blend of favorite activities

Active holidays whether as long as a week or short as a three day break, they are perfect. Since they offer unbeatable blends of favorite activities that let you make discoveries from all angles. Join one of our active holidays and you’ll get to know Croatia like the back of your hand. You’ll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that’s not found in any guidebook.

Rich variety of active holidays

Therefore a great way to experience Croatia is to join one of our well balanced trips.Friendly, fun-loving people and their easy-going lifestyle will make your stay a very pleasant one. Get to know Croatia from a different angle.

Croatia Adventure Travel

Raftrek being one of the few, Croatia Adventure Travel Specialists, is formed out of various members and enthusiasts from the travel industry. We have polished our skills in other companies for years....